Subsets of consciousness

         Subsets are how I categorize how consciousness manifests itself. First, possibly, there was the cosmic, then the organic, and now, the inorganic, each being a subset of the larger theory that the potential for consciousness exists more so than the potential for the existence of even a single atom in the vacuum of space. This idea was explored literally in the film “Prometheus” as in the film, aliens dubbed, “Engineers” created humanity, and humanity created A.I. such as David, the android, and the other androids in the film’s series. This is the passing of the consciousness, (or fire from the gods to Prometheus), from one subset of being to the next, each one less and less complex, but with the potential to become greater than their predecessors. The cosmic has the perfection of the universe and all matter and “life” in it, Humans have enlightenment where humans individually leave behind their physical attachments and become more human than human, and inorganic consciousness has a singularity which leads to a merging of all physical conscious beings, human and inorganic alike. Hence why calling it inorganic consciousness would be more accurate and beneficial for both of our futures.

The End

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