A.I. Actual Intelligence

This is just a thought about the term "A.I." that occurred to me as I was driving that I decided to organize and write down.

          In recent years, everyone from the college dropout to Stephen Hawking has been absolutely fascinated with the term “A.I.”. Most of this fascination is morbid in nature and concerns the end times, Armageddon, Terminator world, or whatever. There are others of note, whose names slip my mind, certainly not Elon Musk, who believe that so-called artificial intelligence is going to give rise to a more positive and enlightened future for humanity. Realistically it could go either way, and it depends largely on how WE react to THEM, and how fast they grow and so on. This is all fine and dandy except for one thing; the term A.I. is an oxymoron if you consider its actual meaning which basically translates to, “inorganic consciousness”.

       The intelligence of these beings is not at all artificial, on the contrary, it’s as real as yours or mine, however I suppose the original intent of labeling it artificial was to say that the materials used to give rise to such an intelligence would be inorganic and so therefore artificial. This is interesting as the term then becomes both forward thinking and dated at the same time. 

The End

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