In the bathroom lying with my head between my legs and my arms clutching to mounds of hair, I could feel a panic attack coming. Kimberly was real, she wasn't just some girl in a photo, she was real, her cold fingers wearing things that were once my mothers including her wedding band. She was pregnant, with my dad's child. "Poor kid" I thought to myself. "I bet I could be a better mother and father combined to that poor kid, and I'm only sixteen." My breathing began to even and even my shaking was no longer quite as violent. My mom burst through the doors and wrapped her arms around me.

     "You didn't have to do that" She tried to scold me but it just sounded like praise.

     "All I did was say what everyone was thinking, what happened after I left?"

    "Scott's been waiting outside the bathroom pacing, Thayer isn't surprised but is disappointed, Danny is trying not to laugh, he on the other hand is proud of you, your dad is shocked & Kimberly is really upset, she knew you wouldn't be accepting of her at first but she thought you'd try harder and be more welcoming, there going back to the hotel for tonight, but Thayer and I are staying if you would like to join us...?

    "Of course we will" I replied hugging my mother tightly. "I love you mom"

     " I love you too Pooh Bear" My heart lept, she hadn't called me that in years.

     I fixed my face and reassured Scott that I was fine and thanked him for defending me. We all ate dinner without fake smiles or any awkward silences, Thayer forgave me and gave me a bear hug remembering how I once was a Daddy's girl. My laughed and talked and were all happy eating our pizza. Together. As a family.

"Who needs him" I thought "I have all I need right here."

The End

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