Pizza With A Side Of Mental BreakdownMature

   I breathed in deeply as I approached the table, trying to conceal my anxiety, it'd been 18 months since I had talked to my father through a text... much less face to face with his pregnant fiance and the rest of my family with tight smiles of their faces.

   "Jasmin..." it called as if I were some kind of lapdog, that wasn't my biggest worry at the moment, I couldn't even look at my father, it was impossible. My eyes were glued to the swollen stomach that engulfed who I recognized as Kimberly. The basketball belly carried my hald-sibling, who I wanted nothing to do with. Kimberly gushed when she caught me starring, she reached out to grab my hand still grinning ear to ear. My body stiffened, I squeezed Scott's hand and jerked back. She backed a little as well once she realized I was uncomfortable she decided maybe talking was the best idea.

  "You probably already know this but I'm Kimberly! You're dad and I ---"

   "Split up my family and now you're wearing my mothers ring  because he knocked you up? Yeah I know exactly who you are, you're the woman I hate most on this Earth and no, I won't stay for dinner and no it wasn't nice to meet you and no I don't want to bond over shopping or anything stupid like that!" I practically scram at the top of my lungs, alot of the resturant was looking towards me. I was shaking uncontrollably, my face was burning, the room began to spin, everywhere I gazed at I saw spots. My throat tightened as if I were going to puke or cry or both, I really wouldn't be surprised.

   The man I must unfortuanatly call my father touched my arm as if to comfort me but I yanked it away, this was his doing and his fault. I then ran to the bathroom knowing I wouldn't last long. The last thing I heard out of anyone's mouth was from Scott saying "No disrespect sir, but you have no right to touch her or comfort her..."

The End

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