Family ReunionMature

Scott and I walked into California Pizza Kitchen  around 7:15 to find my mom, step-dad, brother, dad, and current soon-to-be stepmom all sitting around awkwardly. Thayer looked like he wanted to re-connect and try and make this "one big happy family" gig work. But then I looked at my mom who couldn't stop staring at Kimberly, examining the fact that she was in her 20s and that I was only 16, I then looked at my dad who was looking at my step-father Danny who used to be his best friend.

"You sure you wanna follow through with this Jazz?" Scott murmured in my ear.

I nodded but was unsure of myself. I asked the manager if we could be seated at a booth in plain view of the circular table my family was sitting at and within minutes we were sitting and drinking what I wished was spiked lemonade. Within minutes my phone let out a loud bleep and then another one.

2 new messages: Thayer; Mom

Jay, what the hell do you think your doing??? I covered for you I thought you were busy but clearly not!!

I groaned and tried not to lift my head to see Thayer, I started typing my response:

I am busy I'm having dinner with my boyfriend, and I really don't know if I can stay around, I was at least gonna come over but seeing Kimberly... with Mom's ring on and that pregnant.... it kills me.

Now to see what my mom wants:

Do you see how young she is??? He left us for her? He abandoned us for her and then expects me to eat dinner with everyone and just be peachy? Look at her tummy, it's enormous! He knocked her up and now she's wearing my ring??? Classy, really freakin classy. Hunny, please come over and break the tension, I know you hate him... I do to but I'm at least making an effort.

Before I had the chance to respond I heard Kimberly's high pitched voice.

"Jasmin?? Hunny is that Jasmin, it looks like the girl you've showed me from the pictures???"

I wish I could've ducked my head but their wasn't enough time, my eyes stared into his black eyes and soul. He looked hurt  that I wasn't sitting with him.

"Jasmin, baby... please come here" he called.

"I won't leave your side..." Scott whispered in my ear as we walked toward the table

The End

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