Welcome Home A-hole & Skank who Ruined my FamilyMature

 Wednesday and Thursday flew by, I had 2 pop quizzes and already had to start book work. My routine consited of: Wake up, get ready, drink coffee and eat a bagel, get to school try not to fall asleep, eat lunch, try to make it through one more class period before dance practice, dance practice, home, eat, chill, sleep.

  Then came around Friday, my favorite day of the week! I was born on a Friday, Friday is the eve of the weekend, and Friday is game day (but there wasn't a game this week). Friday's are my happy days my kick back and just breathe days. And the day started off just like that, I walked into our cafeteria about 15 minutes before the 1st bell. I sat down next to Scott, who had broken up with Tiffany on Tuesday and was now my wonderful boyfriend...again, Alyssa, Charles, and Catlyn.

  Charles and Catlyn were fighting for the millionth time this week but I could care less, Alyssa started discussing plans for this weekend, including a party, so I wouldn't have to see my dad and his pregnant thing, and I leaned my head onto Scott's shoulder fitting in the nape of his neck, he then intertwined his fingers into mine.

 "How'd you sleep last night?" he asked contently.

"You already asked me that." I giggled.


"This morning when you called me at like 7:15."

"Oh yeah..." he trailed off feeling stupid.

"What do you wanna do this weekend?" I asked curiously

"You're gonna be with Alyssa all weekend." he stated.

"I can always make time to be with you."

"I don't care what we do, I just wanna see you." he grinned before leaning down and kissing me softly, causing millions of butterflies to bounce around my tummy. Just then a loud bleep excaped my bag, I reached down to see that Thayer had texted me:

Dad's here and he wants us to all have dinner tonight at California Pizza Kitchen, were meeting there at 7.

I hate that damn man so much!!! He knows California Pizza Kitchen is my favorite restruant and honestly thought he could lure me in with that??? I furiously opened a new message to a person in my contacts who I have ignored so many times: My father.

Sorry, but I can't make it to dinner tonight dad I've already made plans and I'm gonna be super busy this weekend.

I hit send just before Scott could ask me who had texted me.

"Oh, it was just Thayer telling me to cover for him if he's late even though we don't have 1st period together, um babe why don't we go out to eat tonight?"

"Okay, where do you wanna go?"

"Why don't we go to California Pizza Kitchen" I asked trying to hide the mischeif in my voice.

"Sounds amazing!" Scott began. "Why don't we go around 7? Will that give you enough time to get ready after practice?"

"Yeah. That's great." I replied resting my head aganist his shoulder once more. Him and I were going to make a grand entrance to tonight's big happy dinner.


The End

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