Reese's Pieces and Hershy KissesMature

If you can wait till I get home, Then I swear we can make this last. If you can wait till I get home, then I swear come to tomorrow this will all be in our past, Well it might be for the best. You know you can't give me what I need, and even though you mean so much to me, I can wait through everything, Is this really happening??


Once I stepped into my Photography class I turned the volume on my music off, made sure my phone was on silent and gently put my light blue beats back into there holder and slid them into my bag. Scott was sitting in a differnt seat today, rather than the one behind me he was sitting in the one next to me.

"Hi!" I breathed chiperly

"Hey" he murmured. "I had fun last night'

"Yeah, me too!" I paused. "Did you talk to Tiffany?"

"Umm, she knows that we went to see Spiderman together, but no I didn't tell her about the other thing..." he trailed off.

"Scott, you have to tell her, and this is coming from the girl who has pure hatered toward her. I really don't wanna start anything or end up in the middle of things."

"Fine." Scott groaned and pouted like a little boy "But only if you will take something for me."

I could feel my eyebrows inching up in curiosity and confusion.

"Something like what??"

He slid three small Hershy's Kisses into my hand, and then pulled out a little package of Reese's Pieces. I couldn't help but smile, he brought me my favorite candy and some of my favorite memories of him and I together, I flashed back to the 1st time he gave me a Hershy's Kiss. He was holding my hand but had something small locked inbetween our intertwined fingers.

"What's that?" I remember I had asked.He slowly pulled his hand away revealing the shiny sliver wrapper.

"Now you have to give one... but I don't want any candy." he grinned knowing how stupid he sounded with his corny-ness. Directly after that was the 1st time we kissed.

I pulled myself back to reality when the late bell rang. Scott was still looking at me, waiting for a responce. I giggled.

"Thank you, but I will not eat it or give you anything in return until you talk to Tiffany alright?"

"I just texted her." he replied, a shiver went up my spine remembering getting close to that same text message from him and knowing how much it hurt, but then again he was mine first and he was mine when she took him from me... why should I feel sorry for her???

The End

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