Family and Applebee'sMature

The movie was great, but I had seen it like five times and had gotten very little sleep the night before so I ended up falling asleep on Scott during the movie. We ate at Applebee's afterward discussing his family rather than mine, his older sister was pregnant and his parents were getting close to their 25 year wedding anniversery. I couldn't help but smile, I love his family they were so welcoming to me and so picture perfect in my eyes... I remember the night I had found out my father was cheating on my mom, I had ran to Scott's house crying and I remember his mom had told me that if I wanted I was always considered apart of their family. I thought about all the times I would sit there on there couch watching baseball with his family as if they were my own, opening presents on Christmas morning and always ringing in the new year togther, they were my second family and my getaway happy place. After we finished eating Scott drove me home and my mom was waiting on the couch with a gallon of Rocky Road ice cream.

"Oh lord... I'm sorry" I breathed as I examined her itty bitty frame hidden under her Victoria Secret sweatpants and old dirty Aeropostale tank top... to make matters worse she was watching old Friends re-runs in the background.

"I'm fine, I promise!" she blurted. "When Danny got home from work he comforted me and told me everything was gonna be fine. I was just waiting up for you because Thayer told me that you were out with Scott..." my mom trailed off with a grin on her face.

"So..." I couldn't withold my smile any longer. "It was no big deal, he's my bestfriend!"

"And your ex-boyfriend" she added eagerly, my mom was extremely fond of Scott.

"Mom, let me handle this okay, it's almost 11 and you've got little ones coming tomorrow before 7!"

"Fine" she pouted "But later we will revisit this topic! Oh and have you talked to your father about this weekend, I assume you have already made plans with someone since you have found out that they are coming...?"

"Um, yeah but don't tell them that, I'll text him whenever I have time..."

"Hunny, you have time now." She said sternly.

"Yeah, but when I reached out to him he didn't give me the time of day so why should I?" I pleaded before turning to go to bed.

"Goodnight Jazz!" she called.

"Night Mom!" I responded before going up stairs taking a quickish shower and hoping in my bed.

The End

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