Movie Date...KindaMature

I walked outside still in my sweaty ballerina clothes and some flip flops to see Scott sitting in his beautiful red Mustang that I loved almost as much as my car.

"Sorry" I began, "I didn't know you were gonna be here as soon as practice let out."

"Hey what are best friends for?" he smiled his magnificent smile."So my house first so you can shower right?"

"Sounds great." I responded.

"So..." he eyed me seriously "What were you talking about before I had to run off and comfort Tiffany?"

"Oh... um that was nothing." I lied.

"Jasmin Elizabeth Meyers, don't you dare lie to me." he threatened.

"What if I don't wanna talk about it??" I asked catiously, knowing that he'd make me speak up.

"You used to tell me everything and you were ready to tell me at lunch... so I think you should tell me now Jay..."

"Fine..." I sighed heavily. " My grandfather has gone insane and is trying to kill innocent people, my family just keeps falling apart, and I am now dependent of certain things that I wish I wasn't."

There was a deafing silence in his car until we slowly pulled into his driveway before Scott ripped off his seatbelt and flung his arms around me. "I'm so sorry Jasmine, I really am because it make matters worse, I know that you didn't vent this to anyone because of your trust issues."

I nodded even though I was hiding in his warm t-shirt.

"What do you mean your family keeps falling apart?" Scott asked dazed and confused.

I let out a low sob "My father and Kimberly are engaged and she's pregnant..." I mumbled.

Scott just held me in his arms, soothing me until my tears stopped flowing. When they finally did, I stayed in his warm embrace, and felt his lips on my forehead. I looked up into his big blue eyes and watched them slowly inch closer to me, he leaned close to me and lightly kissed my lips. It felt like even though we'd been apart for months that nothing had changed.

"Um, I thought I'd never say this but this isn't fair to Tiffany, I don't want any more drama to happen." I said a little unhappy that I was doing the right thing. "I'm gonna go take a shower, okay?"

Scott nodded.

 After a long shower to try and clear my head I realized I was not about to go to the movies in the clothes that I had worn to school.

"Hey, Scott?" I called from the bathroom.

"Hmm?" I heard him respond from his bedroom on the other side of the door.

"Can I pretty please borrow one of your hoodies for when we go to the movies, I don't wanna wear my sweater..." I trailed off.

"Sure which one?" he asked sounding defeated, I knew damn well he hated sharing his hoodies and he didn't unless you were special.

"Your Rangers one" I said with I smile.

"Come and get it" he instructed.

I looked down at myself I had on my jeans and my hot pink victoria secret bra on because I hadn't worn an undershirt to school.

"But... what if...? Um, well..." I rambled

"Just come and get it you strange girl."

"Mkay" I called shrugging my shoulders. "Just don't be surprised." I added.

I then walked out as if I did have a shirt on thinking maybe he wouldn't notice. His eyebrows shot up.

"Oh" was the only sound that escaped his mouth.

I grabbed the hoodie and slid it over my tall frame. "I tried to tell you!" I giggled grabbing my phone.

He rolled his eyed pick up his car keys and grabbed my hand before we were off and I felt so happy feeling his warm hands fitting perfectly into mine once more!

The End

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