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The 1-minute bell rang indicating that I should probably walk faster... but then again I really didn't care Ms. Pearson would understand, it's the first day and it started off good but then went downhill. Lunch was disasterous, followed by AP World History with Tiffany and her crew and also Charles, normally that would not be a bad thing... but I'm afraid that something is gonna happen that both of us are going to regret, Catlyn and him belong togther, after all they've been dating for three years. While in history I got a text from my lovely father whom I do not speak to, since he decided to abandon us after mom found out he was having an affair with a girl in college, he says that he and Kimberly are now engaged... yay I couldn't be more enthusiastic and on top of that they're expecting!!!!  Can I please buy a hand gun now and shoot myself??? They are coming to visit with Thayer and I this weekend and try and reconnect... in other words it's time for me to conviniently schedule something with somebody.

After history I had Algebra 2 my least favorite subject ever so I decided to sleep since I didn't know anyone in that class anyway, when I woke up about 5 minutes before the bell was going to ring I saw that my mother and her boyfriend/ my fathers ex best friend had texted me both wanting to know if I had seen the text, my mom told me that I had to pretend to be nice to Kimberly even though my mother hated this 22 year old hoe just as much as I did.

"Sis" I hear coming from a fimilair voice behind me. I slow down until I eventually stop to see what's up with Thayer.

"What do you want?" I spat in a very unhappy manner.

"So I assume since your mood has worsened since lunch that you got the text from dad?"

"Yeah, but don't tell that to Mom or Dad or Danny, I'm gonna try and get out of seeing either one of them."

"Okay I don't wanna see them either but they're gonna bring a child into this world and that child is gonna be our brother or sister and we should try and get off on the right foot with him or her.." he trailed off slowly.

"Yeah well that thing is not my sibling, it's just a reminder that he hurt us all and broke up our family to be with a girl who is not even 5 years older than you, if you wanna get out of seeing them just lemme know but if you wanna try and be a big old happy highly disfunctional family go for it Thayer but I can't... You're stronger than me and you can handle everything that has been happening alot better than I can. Just please don't tell anyone that I'm making plans to get out of seeing Kimberly and Dad." I plead.


I'm going out tonight... but promise you won't watch Friends reruns without me. I have it on the DVR so I'll check when I get home."

"I promise, it's always been our thing, I don't even think I'd like Friends if I didn't watch it with you." He then stuck ou his pinkie, so that I knew he was pinkie promising, before walking off to class.

The bell rang again so I knew I was late but whatever, I strolled into the locker room and changed into my leotard, tights, legwarmers, and toe shoes. I shoved my crap in my locker and slammed it shut before approching the mirror to take out my fishtail braid and replace it with a somewhat sloppy ballerina bun.

 Practice was pretty good, we did a 30 minute stretch, followed by 15 minutes of yoga and pilates. All of these things helped me calm down and ease the tention that had been building for weeks. For the rest of class, Ms. Pearson dicided to go easy on us by allowing us to do technique, so for that last hour and fifteen minutes I leaped, piroutted, and shonia-ed until I felt at ease.

She released us 5 minutes early telling us to stretch because tomorrow we would work our butts off, I got my bag from my locker and shoved my clothes into it and then pulled out my phone to make sure that Scott was still picking me up. My friend Kandis who was also a dancer walked over being nosey in a cute way.

"Who ya texting?" she asked as if she were a little girl

"Exboyfriend." I said while typing to see if he was here.

"Aww. Are y'all gonna get back together?" she asked in the same voice.

"Hopefully..." I whispered with a smile. "You know Kandis, I know that were the same age but I imagine if I had like a year younger sister, she would be something like you!"

"Oh stop it you!" She cried. "I miss us chillin, we should do something soon..?"

"Sounds great!!" I practically sang. "What about we have a Jasmin and Kandis weekend?" I asked.

"Sounds awesome. Text me the details." She called as she left the locker room.

"Bingo!" I thought to myself, no more dad and Kimberly.


The End

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