Just Manage Through the Rest of the Day.Mature

Charles, Emma, Scott, and I all walked to lunch together, I had lunch with most of my closest friends which made me very happy. I walked over to the long narrow hidden table in the corner to find Alyssa; Caleb, Alyssa's boyfriend; Aria; Catlyn, Charles girlfriend; and Thayer. Scott walked me to my usual spot from last year and waited for me to put my stuff down before we got in line. After just talking about of summer his phone let out a loud bleep.

"Do you have your phone like that all day?" I asked

"No" he began "That would be stupid, I have it like this at lunch, because it's loud in here."

His face fell.

"Hey what's wrong Eyoree?" I asked cheerfully

"Nothing, Tiff sees me with you and is being all Tiff about it." he groaned

"Why are you with her if she makes you so unhappy?" I was dying to know.

"She needs me... bad things will happen if she looses me." he trailed off.

"Oh yeah, well maybe other people need you to." I said annoyed

"Like who?" Scott joked

"Like me." I whispered suddenly feeling small and fragile.

"Whatever Jay, you're the most popular girl in school, you have tons of friends, a loving family--"

"A lot of stuff has changed since we broke up" I cut him off. " I didn't come visit you this summer because of Tiffany, yeah thats true but thats not the only reason why... but if she needs you sooo bad even though I think I need you more, and I had you first than I guess you should go." I tried so hard not to break down then and there just thinking about all the crap from summer.

"Jazz" Scott pleaded as he lightly touched my arm. I pulled away from his touch knowing it would make things worse. "Talk to me please, tell me what happened" he begged yet again.

"Not now" I murmured "I can't do this now... if Tiff is okay with our movie thing tonight than we can talk then but now just like she said 'she needs you.' " I put up air quotations when quoting Tiffany to make it seem like she just wanted him away from me. Scott left looking upset about what he'd just witnessed, and as soon as he left Charles appeared.

"What the hell just happened? Sticks? Are you okay? You look like you're about to cry! Jazz what's wrong? Did he hurt you again?"

"No" I groaned "He didn't do anything, it's just Tiffany getting to me... I mean he was mine and we were happy and she just took him, and he says he's with her because she needs him. But Charles I need him! I need somebody!"

Charles pulled me to the side as my voice grew steadily slowly starting to sound like a sob.

"Hey" he purred "I'm here Jazz, talk to me, you know you can always talk to me."

"Charles... you know I love you! You're my Charlie, my bestfriend and I know we got really close this summer but you have Catyln, go treat her like a princess... not me. Because I know no matter how much we like each other that you love her so much more, you just can't see it because you're blinded by wanting to rescue me... but don't I'm fine really..."

He gave me a disapproving look but then nodded and we walked back to our table and he sat next to Catlyn interlocking his fingers into hers while I sat next to Alyssa and Aria with Thayer across from me. The rest of the day went by extremely slow and I could not wait for dance and drill team practice.

The End

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