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I soon found myself in 4th period, becasue most of second and third I either slept through, texted or just zoned out entirely. But I literally got butterflies in my stomach when I walked into 4th period, it was my photography class!!! I am such a nerd when it comes to photography, I love taking pictures expecially with old vintage polaroids. I quickly put down my bag and began exploring the beautiful camera's before class started, a couple minutes later someone hugged me awkwardly from behind. I spun around quickly to make sure it wasn't some freak, but it wasn't it was my gorgeous friend Charles and directly behind him my other wonderful friend Emma.

"Please tell me you guys have this class?" I begged

"We do, and we've already grabbed a seat by you!" Emma squealed exicitedly.

I gave Charles a proper hug and he kissed my forehead which made me blush, but then I grabbed Emma by her wrists and pulled her in for a bear hug as well. I had only known both Charles and Emma for about a year, both of them were seniors and neather one of them looked down upon me because I was a sophmore, the both have been extremly nice to me my freshman year and we quickly bonded and became a trio of friends. They were excellent advice givers and simply fun!

We all sat down right before the bell rang and the teacher entered.

"Jazz, we have a class together! I'm really happy about that seeing as how you blew me off this summer!" a sarcastic yet sweet voice that I'd know anywhere said.

I whipped around from my desk to face him"I already told you this morning that I did not blow you off sir! That would be your girlfriends fault and if you really want me to blow you off than I could just call off going to the movies later and chill with these guys." I taunted playfully.

"Aww c'mon don't be like that." Scott whined.

"Fine then just this once, since I want you to stop whinning so I can listen."

Charles eyed me, suspition burning through his deep green eyes, ya see Charles likes me and I like him, but I still have feelings for Scott and he's dating this girl named Catlyn so we pretend like we don't like each other. I decided just to roll my eyes at him so he'll know that there is nothing going on with Scott and I... again... yet anyway. We were then given a lesson about the different camera's we would use this year and how to take good care of them before the bell rang dismissing me to lunch!


The End

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