Keep Calm and Try to Walk StraightMature

15 minutes later I was practically running up the stairs to try and get to Chemistry on time, trying not keep it at a pace where I wasn't out of breath when I got to the classroom. I thought about the texts that Aria had sent to me while I was in the bathroom, she covered for me when Ms. Carol called my name and I wasn't there. She had said that I had probably either gotten lost, didn't wake up on time, or was stuck in traffic... since Ms. Carol LOVED me I chose to go with the with the stuck in traffic situation. I then walked into the room with my most apologetic face "I'm so sorry I'm late Ms. Carol, there was a terrible car crash on the way out of 7-11, but I still managed to get you some coffee!" I quickly handed over coffee from the students lounge in my coffee cup. "Oh it's no problem honey just take your seat, we really haven't done anything yet we are just introducing each other but everybody knows you Jasmin."


I walked to the open seat next to Aria and sat down "Thanks for covering me hun, we'll go out for girls night or something on Wednesday or Thursday kay???"

"No problem! And girls night sounds great, we'll plan it at lunch??" she whispered

I nodded in reply, as soon as my phone vibrated in my bag, I grabbed it when Ms. Carol wasn't looking to see that Scott had replied.

Actually I've only seen Spiderman once, with one of my friends because Tiffany wouldn't go see it with me... we saw Magic Mike instead, it was awful!!!

I tried not to laugh before repling:

Dude, your girlfriend is AWFUL, she's even worse than Awful she sucks!!! So we are totally watching Spiderman tonight!!! (: YAY I'm exicted!

I sat back in my desk, with my muscles and nerves completly relaxed and thought how great this school year had began.

The End

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