1st Period: ChemistryMature

I walked down the hall with my head held high waving and smiling to almost everyone I saw. I knew anybody and everybody, and even that was an understatement, I was popular... I don't really know why, I'm not a jock or the cheer captain so I guess it's just because I'm likeable. I always tried to be cheerful and happy and I somehow ended up in the it crowd. I was one of those people who could fit into any clique, which I do all the time, but could also walk down the hallway by myself and not look like a loner. I suddenly felt my iPhone 4s vibrate from inside my Forever 21 crossbody striped bag, the screen was lit up and showed that I had recieved 2 texts, 1 from Alyssa and 1 from Scott. I quickly unlocked my phone by typing in my quirky password that no one knew except for Alyssa, lucy hale, and then proceeded to read her text.

Ooooohh I spy with my little eye, Jazz and Scott flirting!!!! Nice Work, overheard you making plans with him for tonight... I think you deserve a gold star for that, or maybe something even better??? Come by the bathroom in the fine arts wing and find out what oh and send me a copy of your schudule babe. See you in a few?? ;)

I quickly started typing in reply: A surprise for me??? I wonder what it could be... (:

I then snuck into our elevator smiling knowing exactly what my surprise was before pressing the down arrow, and while the extremly slow machine pulled me to the 1st floor I took a picture of my schudule so I could send it to Alyssa. I then opened the text from Scott:

Hey the projector in our home theater room isn't working, I was wondering if we were just gonna do our homework and eat dinner or if you had something else in mind??? Just let me know. (:

I typed back: Well we could always do what we used to after you picked me up from practice but I don't think Tiffany would like that very much so we could go see a movie...? I think Spiderman is still playing and I know you've probably seen it a million times but it's you're favorite so I'm sure you wouldn't mind watching it again would ya? (:

I then pressed send thinking to myself "I bet Tiffany doesn't even know you like Spiderman!". When I was finished with that I thought of what kind of strong liquor that would be burning down my throat within minutes. This is how Alyssa and I have always been, she is one of the few people that knows the real me, not those freaky 8th graders that try and dress like me and follow me to The Cheesecake Factory to see what I'll order. No! She knows about  my anxiety, how I'm not a natural flirt and how I actually am kind of nervous and shy and very fragile, most importantly she knows about my self-harm issues, and that anytime I face any of my fears that I love to be rewarded. So that the next time I have to do something fearful it won't be so hard and gradually I'll be able to make it look effortless, because that's how most people see me, I'm popular, I'm friends with everyone except for loners and losers, I'm incredibly skinny (LIE!) and I always have the perfect boyfriends!! Lots of people try and be me and it's annoying and I didn't ask for it but if one person finds one flaw. BAM!!! I'll never hear the end of it. And then people will try and make my flaw there's because it's the cool flaw. I don't want this to happen I am my own person and everyone else should be too, with their own flaws and perfections.

I pull myself back to reality when I hear the late bell ring and frantic freshmen hyerventalating because they're late to their 1st class or their 1st day of high school and their life is just miserable!!! I have to words for them: Boo Hoo! They'll learn to chill or they'll start doing drugs which will make them chill so it'll work out. By now I have finally gotten to the bathroom. After I enter I lock the door so no one will come in, people will probably think that someone's having sex in here but you know, I could honestly care less.

"Alyssa" I call out.

"Right here!" she practically sings holding up a water bottle filled with what looks like water but I know isn't.

"What do we got?" I cry exicitedly

"Strawberry Vodka" she purrs knowing it's my favorite. "And may I add Welcome to Chemistry, today we are exploring what will happen to your body when you consume alcohol. Bottoms Up!"

She tosses me the water bottle with a grin.


The End

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