Meet Scott... and TiffanyMature

Thayer and I arrived at school surprisingly early. We had time to pick up our schudule, pick up a vinilla latte from our schools caffe, and run into some people we had missed over the summer no matter how many times we saw them. Then we ran into some that we could never ever miss no matter what.

"Good Morning Jasmin!" a female's high chipper voice rang.

"Ugh" I groan uncontrolably and turn around. "Good morning Tiffany, why are you talking to me?" I ask annoyed.

"Just to piss you off." She mumbles under her breath, and to my luck Scott came up behind her hearing her.

"That's not very nice." he says unapprovingly "Jasmin is my best friend, and I expect you to play nice, she hasn't done anything to you." He then turned to me "Hey Jazz, where have you been, I've wanted to hang out so much but you would never show." he whined showing off his beautiful soft blue eyes, making my stomach flip.

Tiffany whipped around dramatically as if this were a movie clearly jealous, she would love that expecially since she became a theater geek as soon as she found out that Scott was a techie. She practically pounced into his arms like a freakin bear and to my amusment Scott made an uncomfortable face. Tiffany was anything but graceful which did make me feel a little better about myself considering I am on Drill Team and also a dancer and if I may say so myself a very graceful ballerina.

"We should go baby." She said awkwardly trying to be sexy.

"Um... you go ahead I'll catch up to you before 1st period." Tiffany's nostrils flared before she stomped off.

"Please tell me you will hang out with me this afternoon and we can make up for all summer since somebody was avoiding me." he purred in my ear.

"I wasn't avoiding you!" I murmured back very matter-of-factly. " I was avoiding her, you know how I feel about her, she broke us up... but whatever I don't want to talk about her. If you promise me she won't be there I will hang out with you all night if you want, and I'm so sorry I was so immature this summer. My practice is over at 5... but Thayer brought me to school in his truck so I don't have my car..." I trailed off.

"I'll pick you up!" He said excitedly, his face lighing up. "You can shower at my place, as long as that doesn't make you feel awkward. We can work on our homework and then watch movies and eat popcorn like old times."

"Okay" I began "It's a date." I smiled at my clever emphasis on the word date, knowing that if Tiffany were here that she would be pissed. Scott on he other hand rolled his eyes, then gave me one of those hugs that I missed so much... he pulled away too quickly though and then was off.

The 1st bell then rang indicating that it was time for first period.

The End

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