What's Hidden Underneath Her LayersMature

My name is Jasmin Myers, I am a sophmore in high school and I live with a mother and older brother both of which I adore! I also have two dogs which are like my kids,I am a dancer and I have lots of friends which are my life, oh and I'm popular. I seem like I have a pretty nice life right? No!My father left us two years ago, my grandfather is in a nuthouse and Im struggling with my newly developed self harm issues. Welcome to my picture perfect life!

 It's August 27th, the first day of school and I'm getting ready. My name is Jasmin Myers and I am now a sophmore in high school. I decided to wear a dark grey dolman sweater with light Abercrombie skinny jeans and my Sperrys. I groaned as I put on my 00 sized jeans that tugged at my thighs in an unflattering way, they felt more uncomfortable when they reached my waist, hugging them a little too tightly against my ugly looking scars. I looked down at the 6 long and almost perfectly straight lines that I had self destructively dug into my body. The ones closer to the bottom of my hip were from about two years ago when my father had left my mother, brother, and I. The ones more towards the top were much more recent, probably from a couple months ago when my ex-boyfriend and current best friend Scott started dating a girl who just wanted a rebound guy to help her self esteem who would be disposable at any second that she got bored. The thing is I still care about him, he makes my heart flutter so fast and my stomach do flips. The other reason that the cut marks were on my hips and thighs were because my grandfather was placed into a mental hostpital with severe depression and Psychosis.

I sighed as I placed band-aids over my scars so that nobody would see them when I changed in the locker after school for dance. I slid the size too big and oversized sweater over my head, and felt like it had just engluffed me. This is how I've always been everybody says I'm model thin and gorgeous but I honestly do NOT see it I see a girl that should loose about five pounds and just simply hide her face. I decided to wear my hair in a fish tail braid because I was running out of time to do something with my chocolate brown thick and wavy hair, although I was slightly disappointed that the green was still at the tips of my hair from my summer job as a lifeguard at the local YMCA, it was the best job ever I have a killer tan and got to swim anyday that I wanted too. I then quickly but professionally applied my makeup before I went across the hall to my brother Thayers room "Hey" I called. "C'mon we gotta go in 15 minutes."

"Mmmm" he groaned from inside. "I don't wanna go Jay". Thayer had called my Jay since as long as I could remember, he is the best brother ever, he has always been there for me protecting me and even when we got on each others nerves we couldn't be mad at each other. My friends had also picked up on his nicname for me, they liked to call my Jazz, Jay, and most commenly Sticks because they thought I was so skinny.

"I'll make you a bagel with Nutella." I singsonged to him. He opened the door within seconds, very alert.

"I'll be downstairs in ten minutes." he called as he rushed into the bathroom to get ready. I quietly padded downstairs careful not to wake up the two twin toddlers my mother was babysitting for. That's what she does, she has an at home nursury from our guest house but she hasn't gotten over there yet this morning.

"Mornin mom" I whisper. She gave me a heartfelt smile and a warm side hug. She then picked up the twins and started heading to the nursury. I toasted two bagels and split a third one in half and placed it into the two dog dishes on the ground for both my dogs Sappire and Nut, my German Shepard and Yorkie who are like my babies. Within a couple seconds I heard two sets of paws padding against our marble floors. They both greeted me with wagging tails before running to their food bowls.

Minutes later Thayer came downstairs ready to go with his bagel in hand ready to start the first day of his senior year. We got in his Ford F-150 and drove with the windows down in the crazy hot and humid Spring Branch, Texas weather. We'd be at Smithson Valley High faster than I would like.

The End

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