What's happened?

What's happened? The last thing I remember is...leaving the house. I had just said goodbye to my wife and kids, and gotten into the car with Brian. Brian wasn't feeling well, I remember that. There was something on the radio about...about...some sort of riot downtown. What's happened?

The next thing I knew I was laying flat on my back next to Brian's car. I think we were in an accident, but the car was fine. I couldn't find Brian. Brian...who was he again? Nevermind it's not important. The car I was next to seemed fine, it hadn't been damaged. I remember trying to stand up and wondering why I was so stiff, when some person, I think it was a man, came running up to me. I reached out to him and he bashed me in the face with...a baseball bat? I think it was a baseball bat. Whatever it was knocked me onto my back again. I couldn't see him, but he was muttering...something. He jabbed me in the side with his foot, and then walked off. 

What's happened? I can't...I can't remember where I am. I don't remember how long I stayed on the ground next to that car. Eventually I pulled myself up again, wondering why it was so foggy. It's still foggy, can't you see? I can barely see you! But i'm hungry. Really hungry, I don't think i've eaten in a few days. Do you have anything I can eat? What's happened? 

I remember stumbling around for a while after pulling myself up off the ground. It was so foggy, I had to hold my hands out in front of me so I wouldn't run into anything on accident. And I must have been unconscious for a while, because I felt so hungry, like I do now, I must not have eaten. I wandered until I found a man who seemed to be doing much the same I was, wandering. I tried to call out to him, but all I could manage was a groan. My throat...it felt like it had been attacked with a cheese grater. It still feels like that. What's happened? 

I think I got a concussion at some point, because I couldn't....couldn't walk straight. I felt dizzy, like the world was swaying underneath me. I kept stumbling around, so I started walking much slower, making sure I didn't fall over. Where am I? I remember wandering underneath a bridge, I thought I had heard someone calling for me. I was so happy to finally find someone who wasn't trying to hurt me. Then  I remember this...this rumbling shaking the ground. I woke up later under this rubble. I think they blew up the bridge when I walked underneath it. Why would they do that? What's happened?

Why....why are you looking at me like that? No wait, please come back, i've been wandering for so long and you were the first person to not attack me! Please, tell me what's happened! I need to know! WHATS HAP-

* * * * *


The man looked on sadly at the creature in front of him. It had been three weeks since the infection had hit, and this one had obviously been one of the first, the amount of necrosis present in the flesh indicated that. He sat staring at it. The creature who had once been a man had been trapped from the waist down underneath a large stone slab. 

It reached out at him as he began to back away, groaning and growling. The man reached around his back, readying the rifle against his shoulder, aiming down the sights. He took a breath in, steadied himself, and squeezed the trigger, the sharp report echoing around the empty street, the butt of the rifle kicking into his shoulder. He lowered the rifle with a release of breath, frowning deeply as he re- shouldered the weapon. The creature lay on the pavement, a clean hole in it's forehead, gore covering the slab behind it. 

More groans and growls started to emanate from a nearby parking garage, and the man looked in it's direction with tired, fearful eyes. Readjusting his rifle, he turned and started to slowly jog away, stopping to look one last time at the creature he had put out of its misery. Nodding to himself, he turned back and jogged away, the groans and savage noises from the garage growing slowly louder. 

The End

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