What's going on with me?

This is basically playing with an idea and considering the effects of Dissociative Identity Disorder, not currently recognised by the British Medical Institute.

I grew up just like any other kid; free spirited, a tad wild you might say, playful, a bit on the quiet side now and then which had a tendency to make the teachers feel a bit awkward, but other than that, I was just like any other kid. There wasn't any particular event that started everything, or at least not that I can remember, maybe someone else does.

The "alters" showed up one day, first just Annie. Annie is a six year old child who is sometimes even quieter than I was but she gets easily scared, and that doesn't help. She doesn't like being different to the other six year olds, but that's why she plays alone. The other parents don't like her playing with their children. Sometimes, if Annie gets really upset about something Mavis turns up, but normally Annie keeps Mavis calm by saying that it's not so bad, that it's alright. I'll tell you about Mavis later though.

I guess I probably ought to tell you more about me. My name is Kat and I'm 31. I live on my own but often have a carer visit because I can't always manage. Sometimes Annie is here and she needs the support more than the rest of us, but then the carer just looks after her until she relaxes and I come back. There used to be more problems. When I was younger and Annie first appeared no one understood me or Annie so I had to spend time in a hospital. There are still hardly any people that understand or have even heard about my condition. I'm getting help though.

Annie likes to play in the playground if the other children aren't around; if the parents aren't telling her horrible things. They don't understand that she actually is only six and trying to play like their own children. Sometimes Annie comes out when I am stressed or fed up. Sometimes I just want comfort. She understands how I feel when I say I miss my dad. She does too.

The End

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