We ran deep into the darkness. With every step he was holding my arm, so it almost hurt. I could now feel the rain water seeping in through both my thin shoes as I ran. My chest was tight, my feet were hurting and I wanted to give up.

We were well away from the rest of the crowed now and I didn't know where we were. "I have to stop." I gasped. Luke loosened his grip from my arm so I could pull it away. He stepped away from me slightly so I was alone in the street lamp.

"But, we have to go. Do you want everyone to know what you did? What we did?" Luke had desperation in his voice it scared me what he might do to make me go with him.

"B-but, what type of life would we have if we were on the run from the law all the time. Looking over our shoulders every second." He grabbed my wrists.

"We have to run. Do you want to go to prison for so many years you won't have a life at all?"

The pressure was crushing me. I couldn't breath. His eyes were scared, and he needed me.

The End

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