What had happened was unclear, but as we slammed to a stop, a large crowd in the almost dark only two bars of glass to pear through into the streat, there was a dark pool of realisation inside of every one of us.

  This thing had been always going to happen.

  Depstie not knowing what the thing was yet, we new that it had been planned. We had all be here, at this point, standing in the darkness, arms still wrapped around me, so that my heart beat even more. The littlest kids were shivering, still in their stage costumes, away from the lights of the stage, in the pools of cold darkness of backstage.

  "Stay calm." whispered that familiar voice, goosebumps stood up on the back of my neck.

  It was like we were a hurd of cattle, waiting to go to slaughter. I tried to slow my breathing, to stop the tears.

  Just as I grabbed a gulp of air the door swung open.

  The amount of force that pushed through the door, all those people, not just our act of 23, but everyone, running through the door, it was like the force behind a cork in a champagne bottle. I would have fallen to the hard cold floor beneath my feet, but instead the familiar arms clung to me, navigating me through the crowd, slowly but surely. He gained speed, leading me more quickly so that we managed to seperate from the crowd.

  "Are you ready to run again?"

  Unable to speak, I nodded.

  Then, we ran, across the large parking lot at the back of the theatre, trying to go without being noticed past the police cars, not wanting to get stuck and wait to find out why it had happened. Or, indeed what happened.

  As we ran, it was like we were flying.

  The music I should have been dancing to a few moments earlier was thrumming in my brain, the drum beat punctuating my every step, my feat slapping the pavement, the arms had loosened slightly, but he was still supporting me.

  I saw a familiar face in the crowd of police and my heart dropped. It had really been a set up, but not for everyone, just for me.

 Gasping for air, tears began to sting my eyes once again, but he held me close and pushed me forwards.

  "No looking back." he whispered, "Just keep going, no matter what."

The End

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