With every step I knew we were getting closer and closer to the back of the stage with no way out exept up. Then we would be trapped. The audience started to get up and leave to seats. Most of the upper cirlce had already gone.

I had so many questions whirling around in my head but could sense that this wasn't a good time to be asking them. The curtain started to move very quickly downwards and it hit the stage very hard.

"Go. Now!", said a voice around me. All 23 of us crammed into the area behind the stage. "We're gonna have to run. Go."

"But, why?" I asked but didn't really expect an answer. I followed the rest of the pushing and shoving past others to get out. I could hear sirens all around the building. We came to a large window. There was about 4 police cars out side the theatre. In the dark the lights almost looked light a fair ground.

We were running, so incredible fast and for what? We didn't even know. Just keep going, I thought.

It was at that moment I realised I had tears running down my cheeks. All my anxioty that built up before was fueling me to run. Adrenaline was pumping thorugh me.

Then we stopped at the door.  

The End

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