Awake?- Unfinished

Again. THIS IS UNFINISHED. I'm a-working on it K?


A night terror. That's what they called it. I myself couldn't remember anything that had happened. A bad dream about snakes, but after that... nothing.

I had been screaming they said. I had been thrashing too. I could see, but I couldn't see at the same time.

I had climbed down from my bed. My top bunk on the two bunk bunk-bed. I had left my room. Knocked on their door. Called them by name.

But I couldn't see their faces. My eyes had dilated. They were flashing back and forth. Seeing something. Some creature from the dark... but not them. I looked right through them. Through them.

They even conversed with me. They told me that they had killed it. Whatever "it" was. They had killed it, and I was relieved.

They prayed. We are a religious family. So after 5 or so minutes... they prayed.

It worked. Because then... now... I'm awake.

I wish I could remember. I'm glad I can't.

What was it like?

Why did it happen?

I wish I knew. I'm glad I don't.

They're leading me back. Back to my room. Back to the space that had spawned the unknown nightmare.

They're gone.

I'm alone.

I'm... asle-





Am I... awake?


What happened? Another one? So... soon?

Cold. Rough. Stone? 



The End

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