Whatever I want to be-Chapter 4

Hakine stared blankly at the city he lived in. It was a ghetto, and not the kind of ghetto those privileged kids called someplace or something old and wrecked. It was a run down, graffiti ridden, lawless place crawling with gangsters, muggers and girls who stood at street corners, offering themselves as pleasure to any driver willing to pay.

"Damn whoe's." Hakine turned to see his brother giving the finger to a scantily dressed blonde. "Get someone else to pay for your drug money!" Hakine shook his head. Every one of the girls was certain to have one thing in common. They used prostitution to pay for their illegal drugs, drugs that Shaka and him found revolting. The girl strutted up to their car and leaned on the window. She was not only scantily dressed but also purposely revealing her body, her long hair tied so it wouldn't get in the way of her bust. She leaned closer and closer towards Shaka, a seductive look on her face.

"Come on baby...I'll do anything you want." She said licking her lips. Shaka seemed to glare at her a bit before reaching into his front pocket.Hakine and the girl yelped in unison as Shaka pulled out his handgun. He wasn't aiming it at her but it was enough to tell her off. She let out a high pitch scream before taking off in the opposite direction.

Hakine rested his head on his hand and prayed a short prayer. "What the hell Shaka?"

His older brother shrugged, stuffing the gun back in his pocket. "Would you rather show up in front of Maria with a slut in the backseat?" Hakine was silent for a moment and then shook his head. Shaka smiled. "See bro, I got a reason for everything I do."

They rounded the next turn and came to a stop when the traffic light blinked red, their car coming to a halt to the right of a five man group of shaven haired, gray hooded, white youths. They stopped and stared at Shaka and Hakine. Hakine squinted to get a better view through the window and noticed one of the youths was the boy who insulted Shaka. Hakine held his breathe, hoping they wouldn't try to attack or Shaka wouldn’t pull out his gun. He breathed a sigh of relief as his brother hit the gas at the green, a sign that he was in a hurry and hadn't noticed the group.


Maria waved politely to an elderly black couple passing her. They took one look at her and began to walk at a faster pace. She sighed. Her brother Carlito had insisted on “chaperoning” the date. And by chaperone he meant send three of his more violent and non-english speaking soldiers to guard Maria and Hakine should a rival gang initiate a firefight or attempt a driveway.

Her brother had also suggested he drive her there, seeing as the EZBoyz weren’t exactly on good terms with most of the Los Salvajes allies. If they spotted even one insignia of the EZBoyz, they wouldn’t think twice about beating the living crap out of the unfortunate member. She closed her eyes and began to murmur a silent prayer, praying that Hakine would make it to their date safely.

“Maria.” Maria turned around to answer the tall, muscular and heavily tattooed man who called her name. “Cuándo viene ese niño?”

Maria shrugged. “El debe estar aquí pronto Raphael” said. Her bodyguards were getting reckless. Frankly she was as well. Where was Hakine? Her heart skipped a beat as she saw a familiar red sports car pull up a few feet from Raphael. He backed up a bit and crossed his arms defiantly at the two men stepping out.

The tall one with a tilted red hat was Hakine’s brother Shaka. Known as “Gánster silencioso” or the Silent Gangster because of his nature to let his actions speak louder than the words he didn’t often say. The other was Hakine, as tall and handsome as she remembered, wearing a red t-shirt and baggy pants.



Hakine smiled at the beautiful latina girl waving at him. He made his way past a muscular and tattooed man and embraced her. “Sorry I’m late, Shaka had something to take care of.” He turned around to see his brother, silently staring at the tattooed muscleman and three of his equally tattooed though less muscular companions. “What’s with the muscle Maria?”

Maria sighed and said something in Spanish to the latino gangsters. They stepped back a bit and nodded at Shaka. Shaka nodded back before turning to Maria. “Hey Caliente! Go easy on Hakine, he’s fragile.” Hakine blushed and stuck the finger at his brother as Maria and her guards laughed. Maria wrapped her arms around Hakine’s waist.

“Don’t worry Shaka, I’ll take good care of him.” Hakine blushed even more as Maria playfully nibbled his ear. Shaka smiled before nodding at the guards and making his way in the sports car. The engine roared to life as it took off, probably over the standard speed limit.

Maria wrapped her arms around Hakine’s arm. “Come on Hakine, the movie’s about to start!” Hakine apologized about being late again before running into the theater, Maria laughing and holding tight.  Two of the gangsters followed while the one named Raphael stood guard inside the entrance, fondling something in his pockets.

The End

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