Whatever I want to be-Chapter 3

Hakine's eyes widened with horror. His brother was slowly approaching the group of violent youth's, his gun switching from target to target. Hakine didn't know what scared him more. The chance his brother might get gang beaten if he let his guard down or the unfortunate kid that would try to attack him. Shaka wasn't a respected gang leader because he was family. It was also because he could be a cold-hearted killer. Hakine had never seen his brother shoot anyone and he was hoping today wouldn't be that day.

"Hey back up homie!" one of the Hispanic kids yelled. He held up his knife in one hand and pointed to the gang of white kids with the other. "These white boys think they all that, screwing around with us. We just going to give 'em some Latino payback."

Hakine saw his brother stare at the boy then at the opposing gang. A boy about Hakine's age stepped foreword. His head was shaven minus the brown mohawk on his head. "Get lost boy. This is our war, not yours."

Hakine ran downstairs as he heard the metallic click of a cocked handgun. He ran at his brother and grabbed his shoulder, before he squeezed the trigger.

"What the hell are you doing?" Shaka hissed. Hakine stared at him with pleading eyes.

"Don't do it bro, just stay out of this. This ain't your fight."

Shaka stared at Hakine solemnly. He lowered his handgun and turned back to the two gangs. "Sometimes Hakine," he said gazing at the gangs and their leaders. The right thing to do isn't always the best thing. Sometimes the problems of others if left unchecked will one day become problems of ours."

"Violence only leads to more violence Shaka," Hakine said. "If you shoot them now then they'll seek to avenge their fallen." Shaka closed his eyes and exhaled, taking in his younger brother's contradiction. He opened his eyes and fired three shots into the air, the thunderous crack of the gun causing everyone but Shaka to their hands and feet.

"Oh damn!" one of the Hispanic boys yelled. He turned to his companions and shook his head. One by one they walked away, eyes on the white gang and Shaka. Once they got far enough they ran, like a dog that has been beaten in a fight or scared by a bigger threat.

Three of the white boys shook their heads and walked away, leaving their gang leader alone, standing defiantly in front of Hakine and his brother. He spat on the ground and shook his head. "You're a coward." He spat again and walked away, hands in his pocket.

Hakine let out a sigh of relief before looking back at his brother. Shaka's gaze remained locked on the boy, his hold on the gun still tight as if he was waiting for the boy to pull out a gun of his own. Hakine put his hand on the gun. "It's over bro." He lowered the gun until it pointed at the floor, his brother complying with him silently.


"Christ Hakine you're not a woman! You shouldn't be spending this long in the bathroom!" Hakine ignored his brother's yelling and continued to stare into the mirror. He had taken his shirt off and was inspecting his body. A six-pack was visible and his muscles were clearly visible, all thanks to his religious dedication to the basketball and football training and practices. He flexed his muscles and smiled at the ensuring bulge. He grabbed a can of AXE and sprayed it under his arm and on his chest. He was going to look good and smell good for his date with Maria.

A loud and continuous car horn caused Hakine to sigh and put his red t-shirt back on. He looked at the mirror one last time before heading downstairs and out the door. He grabbed a bowl of dog food for his dog on his way out and placed it in front of the hungry animal. It barked before licking his hand.

"See a later Scruffy. I got a date." Hakine said proudly. He walked towards his brother's sports car and opened the door, Shaka shaking his head and muttering "freaking pretty boy" under his breath.



The End

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