Whatever I want to be-Chapter 2

Hakine was furious and disgusted. As he opened his locker, he swore to himself. "Stupid Hakine! Why'd you tell them? Now Bob's good as dead!" Hakine thought. True he didn't like Bob, heck he loathed him but he knew what happened whenever someone messed with him. His older brothers, Nam and Shaka would get wind of what happened and would proceed to beat the living daylights out of the poor sap or worse. After all, not only were his brothers the most popular jocks in school, they were also the leaders of the EZBoyz, a vicious gang that made its territory around Hakine's school and neighborhood. He grabbed his backpack and closed his locker. He began to walk away when someone tapped his shoulder. Hakine turned around and came face to face with a pretty latina girl, with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and big brown eyes, She flashed him a gorgeous smile and spoke. Her voice was music to his ears.

"Hi Hakine." the girl greeted.

Hakine felt butterflies in his stomach. "Hi Maria." He tripped over his words. Maria Caliente was one of the most popular and smartest girls in school. She was also one of Hakine's best and oldest friends. Their families were very close. Nam was dating Maria's older sister Mia and that they're eldest brother, Carlito Caliente was leader of the Los Salvajes, a latino gang who where in an alliance with the EZBoyz.

“So Hakine,” Maria asked. “There’s a new movie coming out and I was wondering…”

Suddenly Andrew and Gerard came behind Hakine. “Hakine man, we’re sorry that…” Gerard began before looking at Maria, who waved. “Ummmmm.”

Andrew grabbed Gerard by the arm. “Sorry guys, we’ll be..ummm… leaving.” He then proceeded to pull Gerard away from Hakine and Maria. Maria smiled and turned to Hakine.

“As I was saying, you want to go to the new movie?” Maria asked.

For a minute Hakine couldn’t speak. Maria stared at him expectantly. “Yeah sure.” Hakine stammered.

Maria smiled. “Great pick me up at seven ok?” She then began to walk away when she stopped. She turned around and kissed Hakine on the lips before walking off. Hakine stood there, motionless, before being dragged away by his friends.


“So Hakine you and Maria you know,” Andrew said. He then proceeded to make kissy sounds in front of Hakine. Gerard laughed while Hakine punched Andrew in the arm. Andrew braced himself as Hakine went to hit him again. Suddenly a red sports car with black stripes pulled over beside the trio. The window rolled down and there stood a young man in a red hoodie, and a tilted red hat over his head.

“Hey little bro.” Shaka greeted. “You need a ride?”

Hakine stared at him. “Is Nam with you?"

Shaka shook his head. Hakine nodded to his friends and got into his brother's sports car. As they sped off, Andrew and Gerard stared in awe.


They had been driving for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of silence which Hakine had preferred. Shaka broke the silence that Hakine had cherised.

"How was school kiddo?" Shaka asked.

"Fine." Hakine answered, not staring Shaka in the face. Although Hakine was furious at Shaka for what he did, he had to admit he liked Shaka more than he liked Nam. . Everytime Nam and Hakine spoke, Nam would "causally" drop something about Hakine joining the EZBoyz. Shaka on the other hand never bothered Hakine about joiningHakine then turned to Shaka. "Why'd you do it?"

Shaka stopped at a red light. "What?"

"How could you beat that kid up!" Hakine asked, his voice much louder this time.  Shaka turned away and began to drive again. "No idea what your talking about."

Hakine sighed. He knew that his brother would deny what he did, just as he did every other time. Hakine dropped his head against the window and sighed. They drove another 10 minutes of silence before Hakine spoke up again. "Can you give me a ride tonight?"

"Sure." Shaka responded. "What's the occasion?"

"Going on a date with Maria."

Shaka turned to Hakine, laughing and patting him on the back, "Atta boy Hakine! The ladies man! The machine! Hakine the love machine!" he continued to shout.

Hakine began to laugh as well. Soon they were both laughing their hearts out. Hakine caught his breath and sighed. He turned to his brother, now concentrating on the road but still chuckling. Hakine greatly respected Shaka. He was more of a brother to him then Nam ever was. They then pulled into a driveway littered with cracks and crevices. Hakine and Shaka stepped out and saw a pile of bottles outside the front door. A German shepard was chained near the door. It gazed at them and barked happily. Hakine smiled and walked over to the dog and began to pet it while Shaka opened the door.

"Hey Scruffy." Hakine said, stroking the dog's chin. It began to wag its tail. Hakine smiled and walked into his house, closing the door behind him.

The house was a small one. They had a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a small backyard entrance on the first floor. Second floor was his brothers, parents and his own room. Well it was more his brothers and his room now as their father was in jail and their mother always passed out drunk by the sofa. Hakine dropped his schoolbag on the living room and ran to the kitchen fridge. He pulled out a sandwhich wrapped in plastic. He ran upstairs into his room and closed the door, peeling the plastic of the sandwhich. He gazed up. His room was covered with numerous posters of different music bands. Unlike his brothers, who preferred rap, Hakine enjoyed rock and roll, and punk rock. He counted the KISS, Kansas, Rise Against and Disturbed posters he had.

"Twelve in all." . He stared at the ceiling for a bit, biting his sandwich. He thought about his future, which had begun to look bleaker by the moment. He wanted to become a doctor but he knew he could never earn enough money to pay for schooling. "One day I'll eave this place and never come back.".

As he began to daydream, a series of shouts caught his attention. He looked outside his window and sighed. It was another fight between the white kids on their block, and the Hispanic kids on their block. They started out by swearing at each other, and before long, they got physical. Hakine watched as three Hispanic boys took on four white boys. Suddenly Hakine squinted and gasped. Hakine noticed the Hispanic boys were armed with switchblades and were flashing them at the white boys. They yelled more and more until one Hispanic guys charged. He made contact with a white boy, cutting his arm. He began to raise his arm to finish him when a gunshot pierced the air. Hakine looked to his left and saw Shaka walking out, holding a desert eagle in his hands.

“Get lost rats!” Shaka growled. “Or I pop this cap in yo head!”



The End

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