Whatever I want to be.

On the outside, 15yearold Hakine King seems like a regular kid. Sure has some issues with school but he maintained good grades, and has many friends. His life would be livable except for a couple of things. His family is poor and crumbling, his mother is a raging alcoholic, his father is in jail and his two older brothers leaders of the EZBoyz, a ruthless gang in their neighbourhood, constantly pressure him to join them. Hakine desperately tries to keep out of the gang violence but sooner or lat

"Can anyone tell me what the answer for question 5 is?" Mr.Craig asked his class. However no one was really paying attention, some people were staring outside, some had their heads on their desk listening to their MP3's and others just stared back at him with a blank look on his face. Mr.Craig sighed and glanced at a boy about 5' ''8. He was chatting with two boys about his age and height.

"Hey Hakine, Craig's looking at ya."  one of the boys, Andrew spoke.

Hakine smiled and stared at Mr.Craig. "Just a wild guess here, but I'm guessing your looking at me. Am I right Charlie?" Mr.Craig bit his lip as he tried not to yell after being called his first name.

"Hakine, would you mind telling the class the answer for the question." Mr.Craig spoke through his teeth.

"Hell should I know?" Hakine answered back. His friends laughed.

"Nice one Hakine," the other boy, Gerard said, high-fiving Hakine.

Mr.Craig glared at the boys. "Office you three, NOW!"

"Whatever." Hakine replied. He got out of his seat and walked out the door, hands in his pocket. Gerard and Andrew followed close behind.

"Man I hate that class!" Gerard spoke. Andrew and Hakine nodded in agreement.

"Agreed." Andrew said. He turned to Hakine. "Hey Hakine, we going to go to Mrs.Donovan's office?"

"Ah...yeah we probably should." Hakine replied. The others groaned but agreed with him. They began to walk past one of the bathrooms when they heard a yelp. They stopped and slowly snuck into the bathroom. There they saw a boy about a year or two older then them, being dunked repeatedly into a toilet. Hakine recognzed the victim as Bob McGuintly, the boy who constantly harassed his friends and him. The three watched in awe as the two figures threw Bob into the wall. Hakine saw that the two figures wore hoodies, one having it on and the other sporting a red NYC hat that had been slightly tipped to the right. 

"Hakine, isn't those guys your brothers?" Andrew asked. Hakine got a closer looked and gasped when he recognized it was his older brothers, Shaka and Nam. Nam, the one wearing a hoodie picked Bob up and threw him to Shaka, who held his hand backwards. Bob squirmed but Shaka's grip did not falter

"Alright fool, this'll teach you not to mess with our kid brother!" Nam yelled, throwing a punch at Bob's stomach. Bob let out a groan before Nam began to repeatedly punch Bob, alternating between his stomach and his face. Hakine stared in horror as Bob began to spit out blood.

"Let's get out of here!" Hakine squeaked. Andrew and Gerard stared at him in disbelief.

"You crazy?" Andrew asked. "That jackass Bob's getting what he deserves!"

Gerard nodded in agreement. "We should thank your brothers!" he added.  Hakine stared at them in disgust and began to walk away. A couple minutes later the bell rang, signaling for home.


The End

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