Just a Dream

"Hello, Mckenzie," spoke a voice.

Mckenzie turned and couldn't believe her eyes. Her mother was standing in front of her. Like right infront of her. This can't be happening, she's gone, thought Mckenzie.

"Ahh, but your wrong baby. I am never leaving and neither is your father. We will always be with you. And we both love you so much, but you can't stay here with us. Its not your time," Mckenzie mother said, in her soft gentle voice that made Mckenzie feel safe. "You need to go back to your sister, she needs you."

"B-but I want to stay with you and Dad. I miss you," Mckenzie cried.

"I am sorry but its not your time,"replied her mother.

Her mother pointed at Mckenzie with one of her fingers and gently touched Mckenzie's forehead, sending a wave of heat through her making her collapse.

*                                                                *                                                              *

"Mckenzie! Mckenzie wake up! Miss Harp is going to kill you if you don't get up now. She says that we wont ever get to see mum and dad again if you don't get up. Come on Mckenzie,"cried Blue.

Mckenzie's eyes fluttered open to the sound of her sisters cries. She looked up to see her sister, her cheeks wet with tears. Mckenzie put out her arms and Blue bent down and gave her a hug. She was so glad that her sister wasn't gone. She would have been lost without her.

As Mckenzie and Blue desended down the long winding staircase, Mckenzie couldn't help but wonder what had happened before Blue came and woke her up. Had it all really happened? Had she reallly seen her father or a man that looked like her father at her bedroom door? Had she really seen her mum in a beautiful place to spectacular to describe? Mckenzie didn't know the differance between reality and dreams, she used to but that was before the accident. The accident that had killed both her parents and all the other people in the tunnel. Sometimes she wondered how her and her sister had survived...

The End

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