What He Didn't Need To Show Me (part 2)Mature

21st December, 2070, Berlin, Germany

“I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’m not proud about what I’ve done to accomplish what I need to.” Ha! “Would you believe me when I say that I still have regrets, resentments about what my great grandfather did to all the Accidents?”

“They’re not accidents you bastard!” I bark back at him. “They were real live human beings with a soul and emotions, just like me. I would have included you in the comparison, but I don’t think you qualify for the word ‘soul’." I jeer.

He looks at me, unimpressed with my beliefs. He’s looking at me like I’m blind! Doddering Old Fart.

“How about you come inside, away from the chill and I can ask a waiter to get you a refreshment while we talk.”

I raise an eyebrow at him.

“OK then, no refreshment. But I think it is important that we talk, the least I want you to let me do is explain the truth over your wife’s death. Maybe you’ll believe then that it wasn’t entirely my fault.” I’m staring at him long and hard, trying to figure out if I even want to let him distract me.

Yes. I do.

He’s closed the door and sits down opposite me. We’re in his private study I guess. I know I need to keep my attention on him. But ever since I’ve noticed the lone door on the plain wall, I can’t help wondering…

What is behind it?

“What is behind that door, Lyle, is the being that will uplift us all out of the darkness. The human condition is like a virus that has spread through every single one of us, except a few of course, there are always a few things that are immune to others.”

“And what do you think the human condition is, Ulrich?”

“The inability to feel whole, to feel complete. I know in my heart that there are very few people out there in our world who feel a sense of satisfaction. What I mean is, you always think that something is missing in your life, whether it be a possession, a relationship, a feeling, knowledge. It is very rare when a person feels that they don’t need any more, when they feel that they have enough.

“So the Noble Wolf, a being from who knows where, is an entity that my family have worshipped for generations.

“We discovered it under-“

“It?” I cut in. “Isn’t that an inappropriate term for something supposedly so special?”

“Of course not. Well, no matter how hard we try we can never find a word that truly will give the Noble Wolf the right amount of respect, and it is genderless, so why not ‘it’?

"Anyway where was I. Oh yes. When we found it underground we realised that it was encased in something. Even today’s scientists can’t work out what the material is. But, when you touch it, the Noble Wolf communicates with you. It unravels the mystery for you. It answers every single question you’ve ever asked in your entire existence. Imagine that. And it gives you a solution every time, whether it be death or to continue your experience of life as a human but with a different purpose; often that is to help others less fortunate try and feel whole.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you feel whole, for example, it hasn’t done it for me, it always has a purpose for what it does.”

“What, like God?”

“Yes, maybe it is God for all we know.”

“So I need to see it.”


“What? Isn’t that why you wanted me here in the first place? To convert me, to turn me into one of your quiet slaves?”

“Of course not! And the only reason why I’m denying you the opportunity is because whatever he chooses you’ll feel utterly detestable and…and empty until you die, and for some reason, I just know he won’t kill you just yet. He has big plans for you Lyle, just as he always has for my family.”

I’m taking my gun out of my jacket again and I point it straight at his forehead.

“Well let me relieve you of your misery.”


Now I quickly run to the lone door, and lock myself in the stone chamber. I can hear an alarm going off on the other side, or is that ringing inside my ears alone? Hopefully I have enough time.

I’m sprinting down the stairs faster than I’ve ever run before.


There it is.

And he was right, this fluorescent, colour-changing, jelly-like substance that’s surrounding it is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

And It.

I can’t even describe It’s appearance. Wait ‘till you see It, then you’ll understand.

Oh Maddy.

I did it. I touched It. He’s shown me everything. This is more than just breathtaking, more than over-whelming…just, awe.

I understand why it wasn’t Ulrich’s fault my wife died. When It noticed that her heart was purer in our kind than It had ever seen, It had decided to open up to her just as fully as It has done for me.

But she was weak. Her aura I mean, and she was hiding sorrow even deeper than I have, so cleverly hidden. The knowledge over-powered her physical body, but not her mind. When she came back to us in the form of a mental patient. It was because her soul had already departed with It. I will re-unite with her soon, and pray alongside her that our Maddy escapes from Earth sooner than she is meant too.

I see the light.

I realise what I should have realised from the start.

I can’t tell you that. You must figure it out for yourself.

There is no once and for all. No constant, fixed truth.

My love and It’s love have revealed all and more to me.

I am content.

Content, such a…human word.

See you soon,

                        Love, Lyle.

The End

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