What They Forgot To Tell UsMature

24th September, 2070, Suffolk, England

After the day my wife and I have just been through yesterday, I think I would kill myself if it weren't for my little girl.

Yesterday we had our debriefing session from one of the local social workers. All I could focus on was the sky outside our window, it looked so orange, and it wasn't even sunset yet; one of the few things I'd have to get used to about our tragic, tragic future.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Quincey, my name is Carla and I'm going to be your social worker for the first few months until you find yourself on your feet again. Now fir-"

"Why is the sky orange?" I asked her. She looked back at me painfully.

"Look, Mr Quincey, I'm sure you've heard the words 'bomb' and 'nuclear' enough times today, imagine how many times I have to use them. Now, firstly I'm going to have to give you a history lesson on why we're in the situation we're in today. Why your apartment is made out of a cheap, plastic alloy, why the ethnic mixes we have today are here and not elsewhere. Why-"

"Why Harrods in London is gone?" Maddy asked. The lady sighed.

"Yes deary, why Harrods in London is gone too." I straightened myself in my chair, this sounded like it was going to be nothing but bleak.

"It all starts on the 30th of April, 2025, when...when Hitler's grandson created a facebook page and announced 'I am here.'"

"What!?" My wife exclaimed. "I thought Hitler died in 1945? How could he have grandchildren?" My thoughts exactly.

"That's what the rest of the world believed until that day. Of course the moment the post had been found online by the CIA and MI5 the whole world tried to track down the man known as Dieter Wolf. Of course no-one did, and by the same night when the news had spread across the whole wide world, the pressure began to build for the governments to find this man.

"What was more chilling however, was that his facebook wall was growing in popularity, within a day, he had 5 million likes, and groups of antisemitic neo-nazis started cropping up everywhere. Two days later, he streamed a live broadcast to the whole world from a secret location. It's something you have to watch to understand." And with that she pulled out a small laptop from her bag, within a few clicks, the video was up and loading.

"Hello fellow citizens, my name is Dieter Wolf, grandson of Adolf Hitler. I'm sure you must all be wondering how I can even exist? Seeing as my grandfather supposedly committed suicide in an underground bunker in Berlin, it wouldn't make sense that I exist. But unfortunately for you all the world has been lying to you. The secret that my grandfather had moved to Argentina instead of committing suicide is one that has been kept by the world leaders for decades now. Today, I think it is time I shared that secret with you.

" You see, from all of the concentration camps, settlements and factories that my father had created during the war, he was making more money than any lone figure has done in the history of mankind. So much so, that he began investing it in companies new and small that have grown into the big name brands that we know today; Hugo Boss, Ford Motors, I won't go into the whole list for fear of destroying the economy, oh wait, I will anyway." The figure on the screen chuckled to himself before continuing. The sweat in the meantime on my forehead was streaming down my face. Was this possible? Did Hitler really not kill himself?

He staged the suicide so that he and my grandmother could escape firstly to Southern Paraguay where he could begin to invest more of his money into the world. My grandmother gave birth to my father in 1947, my aunt in 1948 and my grandfather actually died in 1966 while suffering from dementia. By 1980 his money was so interlinked with German banks, American banks and international companies that appear in almost every modern high street, that his legacy, my father's account, was so large that our family owned 14% of the entire world's wealth. You can ask my friend A.J. Rockerfeller.

"The deal between the western world and my family was that they would allow us to live in peace so long as we kept our money in the global markets and in circulation around the world, if we pulled any of it out, we would be assassinated. But you see now we own 67% of the world's wealth. If I was to retrieve it all now, everyone would be in trouble.

"So, here is the deal, America, Russia, Britain, China, basically any other great power who threatens to stand in my way: I want to create a new state. Unfortunately that will require land, I think the entire Eurasian continent should suffice. Now everyone who chooses to live in my state, ruled by me of course, will live by a set of standards. Firstly that you are not black, asian, homosexual, disabled, any religion other than Christian or have brown eyes. You must believe that human beings should not be any of these things at least because God did not design man in that way, and therefore it is not something we are meant to be. You must be willing to venture into the religion of Nazism, yes there is one, because the rewards are, well, quite surprising. You'll feel a level of power and spiritual connection with God that you've never experienced before." Every time he said the word God, it was like...I don't know. But there was something off about that.

"Now, if the world's governments decide not to accept my terms and conditions and do not allow the population to decide between me or them then I will have to unleash the nuclear missiles I have withheld here in my base. Starting with New York I think, then Moscow, then Beijing, then London. Within this message lies encrypted a number with which these world leaders can contact me and, if I do not get a meeting with each and every one of you alone, then the missiles will be unleashed. And trust me, it won't look pretty afterwards.

Auf Wiedersehen." Mrs Whatshername gently closed the laptop and stowed it away quietly into her laptop.

"And that, is why you won't find a job that pays more than £16,000, why you'll find a shared greenhouse at the back of the apartment complex to grown your own fruit and veg, and why you will remain poorer than you used to be, unless you decide to join that."

The rest of what she said just sieved through my ears now as I turned my attention back to the pavement outside, and realised that despite it only being the end of September, nearly all the leaves had fallen off the lone sycamore tree.

The End

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