What We've Left BehindMature

23rd September, 2018, London, England

This is it. My wife is telling me to turn off my laptop and get ready myself. In an hour we're leaving to step into the machine. Maddy is already ready, she's tugging my jeans now, saying "Daddy, Daddy, it's time to go, it's time to go." Well, I suppose I'd better do as I'm told then eh? I just, something's nagging me at the back of my throat, I feel, wary, as though the future I'm hoping to see won't be quite like it's been made to sound. Humble. Primitive, like they've been forced to start from step one again, only this time humanity will progress back to their former 'glory' much quicker.

Okay. Start. Options. Shut Down.


23rd September, 2070, London, England

We’ve just stepped out of the other door a few moments ago. When I looked behind me all I saw was a blank, white wall. How we even got from one time to the other is completely beyond me. We emerged into a long white hall. It looked so…modern, yet so similar to our time. When I asked the security guard why the walls weren’t wooden instead of plastic he told us “we are in an underground tunnel, sir, and the nuclear weapons would have only affected organic materials, a wooden tunnel would be a lot more impractical.” Thanks, I thought, no need for the side serving of sarcasm.

Maddy started crying the moment we got out, when Tina asked her what was wrong, my stomach knotted as I saw the look of genuine confusion on my wife's face.

It was like we had never left my brother, her sister, Maddy’s cousin Giles. Like my parents didn't hold a place in my wife's heart anymore, like she had forgotten about her own mother. Like we were never leaving any family behind at all. I wiped away the tears I hadn’t even realised had developed. Tina turned her look of confusion to me now, I wanted to be sick.

And now we’re being told our time in the waiting area is over, it’s time to enter our new apartment.

The End

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