What You Don't Want To SeeMature

This is the brief story of Lyle Quincey's letters about his journey from 2018 Earth to 2070 Earth, and how the conspiracy he and his wife chose to ignore would haunt the rest of their future.

22nd September, 2018, Suffolk, England

Dear Diary, 

                    After the brief preparation pause for Tina's 26th birthday party- which I'm glad to say she enjoyed, I knew skydiving was a risky one, even for her!- we've had to go back to packing our suitcases.

The one thing that keeps running through my mind is the sheer cost of these new 'Wormhole-resistant' suitcases, Tina tells me to stop worrying about it, she says we should be focusing on a decision for the Employment Plan that the government has given to us and every other applicant who wants to travel to 2070 Earth. It does seem quite silly now that out of everything back here on 2018 Earth the thing that I'm worrying about the most is the cost of these bloody suitcases!

The one thing that the Prime Minister said in his speech that didn't quite make sense to me was that since the discovery of time travel it was easy for us to apply to move out but that only certain people over There are able to move back, to give updates on how many more people they can fit over there.

And the even more baffling part, if the population stands at 7.6 billion today, how are we all meant to fit into a same-sized, older version of our Earth, where supposedly there should be more people, an even worse climate and twice as many political and economic disasters and issues than even we have suffered in the past 10 years?

But some rumours say that ever since the Second Cold War has ignited between the USA, Russia, Iran and now China, the reason why they are so willing to let us leave so easily is because they're preparing for the worst case scenario. And that if there was to be a nuclear war then in the future there would be barely anyone around anyway, and those that had survived would be so sick and malformed that they would need more people, healthy ones that would be able to re-populate the planet at a time when the radiation has decreased to a safe level...

I can't sleep, its all so...daunting. It's only been 5 months now that supposedly the USA has discovered time-travel, and it's only because the Prime Minister has had talks with the President that we're now allowed to use this technology.

But, what could go wrong? They said that they know what they're talking about and I... I trust them. If it can mean a better life for my baby girl, I'm prepared to turn the other cheek.

I'm prepared to seek the future, to see what others don't want to see.

The End

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