What would you do with 600 dollars?

I watched her pick out the cell phone and I hesitated at she mentioned the price. Six hundred big ones. Wow. What I could do with that money.

My mind flew to other objects and adventures that one could truly have with this amount of money. I could go to the movie theatres and watch endless amounts of movies. I could probably pay an actor to act out the scenes from a movie in front on me! Now that's the power of cash.

Or I could go and fly with wings after buying hundreds of Red Bull drinks, which apparently give me wings! Sigh, the power of six hundred smukaroos.

I shake my head back to reality and hold the bills in my hand as the lady proceeds to tell me the extra features of the new cell phone. I stick out my free hand and politetly decline her offer. I tell her that I have adventures to look forward to with this lottery of money that I hold in my hands.

What to do with this amount of cash? Maybe you can give me an idea of what you would do?

The End

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