Whack the man with the clothes hanger

You clearly have no value for your life. Nonetheless, you take the clothes hanger and aim for where you think the chest will be and kick the doors open. You jump out and sprint directly towards the man who looks rather shocked and almost seems like he was about to laugh.

You attempt to attack his chest rapidly with the clothes hanger and try to find where it would hurt him the most but fail on the fifth attempt when one of your feet slides on the ground and you end up pushing yourself and the man to the ground with your head lying on his chest. The man immediately pushes you off but you can see that he was trying to hold in his laughter at your pathetic attempt. You try to start attacking his face but you lose grip of the hanger and it goes flying backwards. 

This time the man really does start laughing and it is completely humiliating to you when you realize his buddy had just entered by the sound of his pistol falling to the ground while he holds his stomach laughing.

Right now you have the chance to make a run for it or pretend you truly are pathetic.

The End

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