Jump out and aim for the bushes!

As good as your aim was, the bushes weren't as pillow-like as you imagined and you have an awkward landing onto your back, sending searing pain across your torso and limbs.

You find out that the fall was 3 stories high and that if the bushes weren't there, you'd have a broken spine. Nasty image...

You wait a little for the pain to ebb away and slowly rise to your feet and observe your surroundings. The temperature seems to be a freezing 8 degrees and the street you're in seems to be as popular as ever, making you surprised that no one had noticed the invaders entering your apartment. There's a nice cafe nearby that looks warm and inviting, and a taxi is just about to pass near you.

You can either grab a coffee and warm yourself up before taking a jog to a friend's apartment approximately 11 blocks away, or grab the taxi and go to the friend's house and avoid the humiliation of walking in pajamas. The taxi doesn't look to be in good shape though.

The End

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