She will agreeMature

"Ok"  they kissed and embraced, pulling away she dressed and got her bag, so did the man he picked up his wallet and opened the door for her.  They left the apartment "so wherer do you want to go?" the woman asks, the man pauses, "Well we could go to that nifty restaurant down town?" she smiled warmly at the man, now that she looked at him properly he was totally delicious, "Thats fine by me"  they kissed and walked down the stairs and out of the dorm, passers were to interested in not getting wet than them, and so they walked down through the bright lights of the streets arm around arm.

In the restaurant they sit at the back and order drinks. "So, what do you want to do after we've eaten?" she considered this while sipping her drink.

What will she do form here??

The End

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