The fastest thing she can to make him the most jealous man alive.Mature

She watches them down below her window, the red veil of anger clouding her vision. She goes to the door of her apartment, and flings it open to see a young man of about twenty years, her is fairly handsome with piercing blue eyes and a stare that is unforgettable.

"Quick I need you!" she gasps, pulling him into the apartment, already her is watching her, trusting her motives without any foreseeable regrets.

"Just take off you shirt and come to the window with me, I promise to pay you amply for all this..." with those words, the man almost ripped his shirt off and rushed to the window, down below he could see the couple kissing passionately. A new feeling, a feeling of usefulness came to the man.

"Your boyfriend?" he asked

"Ex-boyfriend, and his bimbo by the looks of it." her face looked so sour.  - "Look, I'm going to take my top and bra off, I don't care if you mind or not..."

"I understand." he cut into her little speech. "I understand more than you could ever imagine..."

"Good." then he went to the woman and pulled her top and bra off with one clean movement. They both went to the window...

"Hey, can you get your freak show away from this dorm... we're kinda busy in here ourselves... oh and Julie... I think it's over with us."

The girl who was tangled in the woman's boyfriend's embrace looked up to see the man and woman apparently naked, watching from the higher window.

"How could you?" she screamed.

"That's rich!" To which she stormed off, the woman's boyfriend in tow. He had seen the woman upstairs. She called down to him...

"And I think we're over too!" she shouted, a smug feeling inside her.

"And how long has this been going on, I could have guessed as much..." The look of digust was on his face, but a horrible feeling of utter jealousy was eating at him. 

"I could say the same!" she shouted to his retreating back.

The man and woman pulled themselves into the warmth of the inside, and the man stared down at the woman who was so much shorter than he. He thought - God those tits are great...

"Well how do you want paid, money or something else?" she said, the glow of smugness still in her eyes.

What Happens Next?

The End

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