Take the pistol out of the drawer beside the keyboard.Mature

She stared out the window trying to distinguish what she was looking for out in the rain. Finally it clicked. She realized that she was looking at her boyfriend thrusting into the unknown woman.

Turning her back on them, she goes back to the desk and pulls out a pistol from the drawer. The gun feels cold in her hands, and she expertly flips it open to check the bullets inside. "Three bullets," she thinks, closing the chamber.

Outside the woman and the man have picked up the pace a notch. He has seemingly lost his shirt .Her camisole is sticking tightly to her breasts showing off her nipples and seems to ride up against his wet skin at every thrust. Her phone in one hand still punching in keys as they moan and thrust.

The girl at the window stands looking down upon them, trying to decide if she's going to go through with this. She slowly opens the window.

What will she do from here?

The End

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