What Will She Do From Here?Mature

That's a question to be asked at the end of every branch.

Just forget about it, for the moment.



A young woman, perhaps in her late teens or early twenties, sat at a PC in a university dorm room. She was watching a streaming video. It was an illegal episode of Queer As Folk, the American version, that had her attention at this time. There was a visible layer of dust upon the textbook beside her mouse pad.

Outside, at the entrance of her dorm room, a man and woman were seemingly conjoined at the chest, groping each other with unpredictably flailing arms. It did not matter to them that it was drizzling rain.

And as the Chinese-subtitled video of the student's homo-erotic drama came to a sudden halt, she realized that any further progress she'd make in watching that episode from that website would be at a snail's pace. After all, it was now prime time viewing over in China. So, she committed the length she'd watched to memory, and closed the browser tab, which was all written in Chinese characters that she couldn't even read.

Meanwhile, outside, the woman and man, both wet, were rubbing their bodies against each other and moaning incoherently. Students passed by them, in and out of the dormitory, as if this was a regular occurrence.

Back at her PC, the young woman had become impatient. However, it was not with her internet connection. You see, all this time, she was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive.

However, her boyfriend had not made it into the building. He was, now, in another woman's arms. And another thing was in this woman's arms. One hand held out her cellphone against the man's back. And with every thrust his fully-clothed body made against her, she pressed a number. Digit by digit, thrust by thrust, she dialed.

And beside that PC, a land-line phone rang.

Frowning, she picked it up, "Hello?"

There was no distinct answer. Just the sound of two familiar voices groaning in tandem. Then, after a long and baffled moment, a text message hit her instant-messenger on the PC, provoking a sound-effect.

open ur window bitch

She did this, and saw them there.

What will she do from here?


The End

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