What We Want The Most: A Gang Story

girl dealing with struggling family ends up falling for a gang member next thing she knows she's trying not to get herself killed everywhere she goes.


   It was the same old same old. 

It was late at night, and there was the neighbourhood gang, right outside my window, picking a fight with another gang.

I tried to lie in bed, and fall asleep, but it was too hard with all this yelling. Tonight’s fight seemed a bit louder then usual. Then I heard a gun shot. I squinted. Don’t worry anything is going to happen to you… I kept thinking to myself.

I got out of bed, and out my room. Walking across the hallway, I came by my phone. I grabbed it in case the fight got to out of control.

I slightly open the door of my little brother’s bedroom, matti, to see if he was all right. I peaked through the crack, and saw him sound asleep in his bed. I guess the noise didn’t wake him up.

I went back to my room and over to my window moving the curtain a little, so I had a little view of what was going on. There were ten men, in black clothing, standing, and opposite of each other making even groups.

 The two, what looked like the leaders of their gang, didn’t look happy at all. They where talking, but not as loud as before. I open my window a little to hear. One held a gun, as I watched the other one try to reach for his without being noticed.

 Then out of nowhere one of the members pulled out a gun, and shot someone. Then all hell broke loose.

i let a squeal escape my mouth, as I saw some get shot right before my eyes.I quickly covered my mouth. 

But too late. The guy next to the shooter saw me. His piercing blue eyes, met mine.

Scared as hell, I still couldn’t get my self to move.

I held his dangers gaze. He broke it once some one came from behind him and attacked him. I kept my hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. Then the sound of sirens of police cars emerged. Everyone scattered of, running away as the sirens grew louder. 

The guy with the blue eyes looked back up at my window. I looked back down at him. He was hurt.

Without thinking I ran downstairs, and opened my door. “Come here.” I hissed And he did.I pulled him up to my room and hid him. I shut the door behind us.

“Hi.” I breathed, once it was safe.

The End

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