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Jamie Murphy


March 8th, 2005

Are you there God? It's me, Jamie. Always wanted to start a journal entry like that. 

Grabbed a newspaper before I went to work. Almost finished the crossword before I opened up shop. Got stuck on a six letter word for amphibious vehicle. 

I'm on this herbal tea binge lately. Really quite good, trying to get off caffeine. 

Super cute girl with dreads and a nose ring gave me my tea at the cafe round the corner. She would probably never give me a second look, with the whole suit and clean shaven thing. She's got a sleeve of tattoos. Told me one morning she designed them herself. Awesome.

Would love to take a day off shaving. Too bad my "beard" is so patchy it looks like I'm a twelve year old boy given his first razor when I don't.

Dull day at work. No one in. Not a single sale.

During walk home I saw two blokes moving artwork out of the little gallery down the street. They were chucking all the art in a dumpster. Asked them what they were doing and they said the works had been abandoned by artists and hadn't sold. The gallery needed space so they were 'purging'. Asked if I could adopt one, they told me to take my pick.

First real piece of art I've ever owned if we aren't talking band posters. Could never afford decent art, heck any art, working at the shop.

Picked a really brilliant portrait of this middle aged woman sitting in a hotel room with a glass of gin and a cigarette. Absolutely brilliant. She looks like everyone's crazy aunt. 

Seems mighty pleased with herself in the painting too. She's wearing a wedding right and her hair is really short with bits sticking out. 

Wonder where she is today. Hope she's alive somewhere, enjoying a good drink. Probably dead though, seems the paintings a bit old. But alive and well on my living room wall. Well there's a thought to wrap your head around.

Speaking of, head is pounding. Could use a big black coffee.

Maybe I'll ask nose ring girl tomorrow if she would like to come round and see the painting. I expect its the sort of thing she might appreciate, being a bit of an artist herself.  JM



The End

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