Sunny Raze & Jennifer Van MeerMature

Sunny Raze & Jennifer Van Meer


Sunny's dad thought naming her Sunny was very funny. He always chuckled at how convenient the last name Raze was. Sunny's dad was a hippie, and the story goes that he and her mom thought up the name at a concert in the 70's while hot boxing a tent in the middle of a field with a dozen other hippie friends. Her parent's were very open about their pot smoking habits. 

They owned and operated an antiques shop downtown called cRaze-y Things. Business was booming lately as bohemia became the new fad and everything old was somehow hip.

Sunny figured it was genetic that she was a bit of a stoner herself.

"Pass that blunt little lady," giggled Jennifer. 

Jennifer was Sunny's best friend. Her parent's were typical suburban mom and pop types. With a name like Van Meers they pretty much had to be, is what Sunny always said.

Her mom stayed at home and wore skirts and pearls. Her dad was a lawyer, he wore suits and expensive cologne. They had raised a straight A daughter, and prided themselves on keeping an immaculate house and on owning a yacht in the local marina. They threw and attended various charity events.

You can imagine their daughter had to rebel in some way. So she chose Sunny as her best friend, or Sunny chose her. Either way, it pissed her well-to-do parents off to no end.

Sunny pursed her lips and pulled a drag from the joint. She lazily blew the smoke out of her nose in little rings, a talent she had inherited from her father. It burned her nose hairs a little.

Jennifer erupted in laughter as she snatched the little roll of white paper and green bits from her friend.

"My mom's friend Peggy's dad has cancer,"  said Jennifer.

"Mood killer," said Sunny, picking at a hang nail. "Shitty deal though, is he gonna die?"

"Probably. Everyone with cancer dies I guess," said Jennifer, exhaling tangy smoke. 

"What a crap way to go." 


Sunny got up form her beanbag chair on the floor and belly flopped onto the bed next to Jennifer.

"Do you ever think about dying?" asked Jennifer.

"Sure," said Sunny. "You're weirding me out, what the hell. Next topic please."

"I think when we die we walk around like ghosts and we can watch people naked in the shower and stuff. I think the world is filled with billions of ghosts and we'll be ghosts someday too."

"Oh yeah? We'll be stoner ghosts probably. I hope," said Sunny.

"Yeah, but isn't that like really cool? Like right now there's probably a bunch of creepy man ghosts watching us, hoping we'll strip down to our underwear and have a pillow fight," Jennifer replied.

"Not cool. I'm not even wearing underwear. But wouldn't it be cool if like, Lennon was in here right now?" said Sunny, staring at her brown shag carpet. There were bits of hair in it, and melting gummie bears. They always ate gummie bears when they got high.

"Super cool. Careful, almost a roach. You'll burn your fingers." Jennifer passed the joint to Sunny. "Actually I haven't changed my underwear since yesterday, and they're Fruit of the Loom. Nevermind. I hope Lennon's not here. Ghosts probably have X-Ray vision."

"My parents think they'll be plants when they die," Sunny said, "They think they'll become big old oaks and give the world fresh air or some crap like that. What the fuck."

The girls lapsed into silence. Sunny got up to open a window, the room was becoming hazy.

"I only want to be a ghost if I can have ghost sex," said Jennifer suddenly. 

"And glide through walls," replied Sunny. 


The End

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