What use am I without you?

Everyone assumes they know what I want, who I want. But I don't even know, so how can they? I can't explain my feelings, because they make no sense to me.  You can be so horrible to people sometimes, arrogance to the extreme. 

But I still hope, deep down, that you'll pull yourself out of the chauvinistic lifestyle you lead and see what you could be, if you didn't deem yourself too cool to care. You're smart, and brave, and funny. You could be so much. I always hope you'll realise this even though I can't tell you.  But when you love someone, you always want the best, don't you? You want them to be everything you've ever dreamed of being, all you could hope for.  But you have flaws,and I see them and still want more. 

You make me so many things.  Happy, angry, awkward, sad. 

- Written on the sole of a Converse shoe, tied to a telephone wire.

The End

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