The Diamond Ring

"Olivia? Are you in there?" A familiar voice rang out into my room.

"Yeah, I'm in here." I called back, still not sure what to say.

"Hey, sweetie." she walked over to my bedside and knelt beside me. I sat, without making eye contact, waiting for the endless line of questions to stream out. The first one came, but it was not what I had expected.

"Honey, are you sure you want to do this?" she looked up at me with considerable concern in her expression. That was nice for a change of pace. Someone asking about me.

"I don't know. I don't know what I want! I never even thought about marrying Collin! I mean, I'm only 19 years old! I thought maybe I would like to marry him one day, but not so soon!

"Well, did you tell Collin that? It's not to late to back out." she said, calmly stroking my back.

"Yes it is! It is to late to back out! I can't tell everyone who already knows I'm not gonna' do it! I mean Collin is so excited and happy about this! I can't tell him I don't want to, that would kill him! I can't do that!" I felt all my emotions pouring out at once. " It's not that I don't love Collin, I do! I love him more than anything! It's just... married! God!"  I cried, throwing myself back on the bed. Lucy came up and lay beside me.

"Hmmm." she breathed softly. Then started to say, "Well, you know-"

"Maybe it's not such a bad thing." I interrupted. "I mean, maybe it's just something I need to get used to."

"Yeah, totally!" she said. "Everything is going to be fine."

"So, you want to see the ring?" I asked.

"God, it's about time you asked!" she said excitedly. 

"Okay." I said, pulling myself up,and rolling off the bed. I crawled over to my dresser, and pulled myself on the handles to a standing position. I opened my underwear drawer. Digging around, I finally found the tiny box which held my future. 

"Here it is." I said walking over to the bed and plopping myself down on it. Lucy got up on her knees and leaned in over my solder as I flicked open the lid. The beautiful ring gleamed inside. Lucy's entire mouth dropped open. 

"That thing must cost more then my car!" she said, as if her car was the least bit impressive. Which it wasn't. 

"Both our cars put together!" I replied. My car wasn't much to look at either. The ring truly was beautiful. The white gold band held one medium sized diamond and three little ones clustered to either side. The diamond in the middle was an oval shape with two points. It was just the right size too. Well, that is, it wasn't too terribly big and flashy. I would have just settled for a silver band. Collin new that. Collin new almost everything about me. He was my best friend other than Lucy. That felt good.

The End

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