What to Expect

It all started with a ring. 

"Olivia? Olivia, did you hear me?" 

"No, I'm sorry... what did you say?" 

"I said will you marry me." 

Suddenly I felt the sting of every person's eyes in the restaurant boring into the back of my skull, waiting for me to give an answer.  The words made me feel like watching an old horror film... anything was better than this.

"Olivia." Collin almost hissed. His expression wild, looking about at every nosey face. Every ear straining to hear our conversation.

"Uh, well um. Gosh! I-it's uh, so, unexpected," I babbled on like an idiot.

"Olivia, we've been dating for three years," he said. 

"Well, yeah, um, I guess it would be practical. Three years is a long time, so uh, yeah I-I guess so. Yeah. Yes, I do. Uh will... yeah."

Babbling seemed to suit me well. I was good at it at least...

"So, that's a yes?" Collin asked, looking at me in a gentle a way as he could, considering his face looked like it was cut out of oak.

"Yes. That's a yes." 

It seamed as though relief came in a hurricane as all the witnesses who had been craning their ears to exstinction washed happiness on me. Cries of,"Congratulations!"  and, "Took you long enough!" filled the air around me. My ears rung with the heartiness and joy of the room. The restaurant was rank with it. 

We finally escaped the shear oblivion of the claustrophobic dinge of Applebees, and headed out to our car. The face of my fiance told me my mother will be proud. It seemed everyone else in the world was beaming for the bride to be, except the bride herself. Brilliant. 

The End

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