How Did This Happen?Mature

Zoish - age 14

"Ma?" Zoish called, a hair straightener clasping onto the ends of her hair. "MA!" She yelled. "Can you get my bag here, Im going to be late!"

"Sweet heart.." Her mother came slowly enetered the room. "Sweetheart,...Would to...maybe, skip school?" She knew her mother well. School was very important to her, so what in the world could be more important?
"Honny...I want you to meet someone...he's going to be liveing with us from now on." She smiled.

"He..." Zoish dropped the hair tongs from her hands. They fell with a loud thud onto the floor. "What do you mean .... "He"?"

"You know sweety, Ive been seeing someone...right?" She asked.


"Well...Its been going very very well...ofcource, I want him to meet youbefore anything lse, so I thought...maybe....we could all spend today...together? Like a little outing."

She understood, this was very important to her mother. Her mother had spent years alone since her father left, with nothing but her tears to keep her asleep, and Zoish had watched her wounds turn to scars. It was time for her to feel happy again.

"...Ok...Fine." She answered, nodding her head. She bent down, lifting the straightener from the floor.


The End

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