Where'd you go?Mature

"Why ... they wont stop asking why...you dont want to know why. I don't want you'll too. I dont want to let you down. I want to be strong for you. I have to. No one else would be."


6 years earlier.

Zoish- Age 9

"Mommy?" Zoish stood shaking at the kitchen door. Glass shards lay in pieces on the floor. The back door was open. The kitchen smelt like cheap liquor. The cream coloured tiles were marred with yellow wine. The kitchen table stood lamely on it's top in the middle of the room.

"Sweetheart!" She stared, with blood shot eyes at her beautiful little girl. Zoish shuffelled in the room in her small, yellow night gound. Her long scragglly black hair trailing behind her. "Come here baby." Her mother mused, gesturing for her. "Come, sit on mommies lap." She said, wipeing the tears from her eyes.

"It was scary mommy. I heard a lot of big noises, and alot of people yelling." She looked at her mother's frightened face.

"I know baby, I know." She hugged her tight.

"Let me put you back to bed ok? Everythings fine, baby, I promise." She smiled weekly.

"Then can daddy read me a story, the one about the giants?" She bounced in her mothers arms, looking at her with her mother with her large, green eyes. The woman stopped. Her legs wouldn't move.

 "Mommy?" Zoish looked at her mother, the tears welled up in her eyes. Im afraid daddy's..." she gulped, "daddy's going to be out for a long long time."

"Where?" She looked at her mother, worried.

"I don't know baby...I don't know."

Why'd you leave us, dad...Where'd you ever go, you stupid bastard? Were we not good enough...Why...

The End

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