Who Are YouMature

The sun didnt shine that day. The clouds rained cold tears upon the gravell foot path. A shriveled piece of paper ran with the icey wind on deserted roads. No light shined. It had died, faded into the blackness like a withered flower, like stale blood on a battlefield.

They watched with tears in thier eyes as her frail little white body was gently placed within the earth. The priest continued his preyers, as a mornful little cry errupted from the audience.
"Why..." was the only question they could think of. "She had everything...why?"

"I had nothing. No one. It all just...slipped away from under me..."

They began to burry her body beneath the soggy Earth. A bolt of lightning ripped across the sky, as the last shovel of mud burried her coffin in the hard, cold Earth.

"We'll miss you..." They mussed.

 "No you won't...you'll find someone else... you'll will survive...like paricites"

"Lord, take this child into your arms..." The priest looked up to the sky, "May her soul be free..."

"Free...thats all I want...freedom."

The End

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