Walk With meMature

Zoish was the kind of happy go lucky girl everyone knew. Everyone loved her. She would sling her arm around your shoulder, and ramble on for hours about utter nonsence, just to see you smile. She would sit with you for hours and hours listening to you cry, allowing you to unhindge, to loose everything, just to give it all back to you with a single sentance. You never left her side without a smile on your face. You never went to her without knowing that she would make everything ok. She was the schools little angel, the light in the darkest corners, she was thier release, their hope thier sanity, the only drug that couldnt erode their body.
She was perfect. 
I'm just human.
She was the very personification of strength.
Inside I crumbles like a castle in the sand.
She was their angel
So why wont my demons fade away

She was alone

Walk with me, and you walk alone
A faded grey pathway
Between two worlds
Come walk with me,
Let the demons take your soul

Come, see my smile
Look in my eyes
I will not lie, dear Rose
Bloom with my blood on your wrist
Drink my life
And smile at me
As I fade away
As you walk away
Never to turn your gaze in my direction
Not a whisper from your mouth
Walk with me, I walk alone
Hear me scream in silence.

The End

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