Tears Of A Man; What Of Them Becomes.Mature

Shiloah’s POV:

I put my hands to my mouth and looked at Alando. I shook my head. No! “No! I want my Jalen…I want my husband!” I cried, my tears overflowing with sadness and hurt. I looked at my babies, I had to be strong for them. I went to Rodden and picked him up, trying not to hurt his arm. “Ooh, my baby.” I kissed his forehead. “Caeleigh, baby girl, get Mommy’s keys and start the car, can you do that for Mommy?”

“Mhmm.” She sniffled. It took her a moment to let go of my leg. She went to the man first though, I almost warned her not to go over there. She punched him squarely in the balls, just like her father and I taught her. “That’s for calling us nigglets!” She said as Alando grabbed himself in pain.

“What the FUCK!?” He yelled, we all laughed, even Rodden did through the cries.

“Language!” I glared at him. I turned my attention to Rodden. “Baby, can you walk to the car. I’ll help you in when I get there, okay?” He nodded and I set him down on his feet. I turned to Alando. “Umm…okay then. You are going to come to the hospital with us-”

“No, absolutely not!” I couldn’t believe he had just said that.

“Oh, you will, even if I have to kick your ass again.”

“I’d like to see you try!” I glared at him.

“Okay! Okay! Sorry! God!” I went over to him, grabbed his arm and dragged him upstairs to our room. I opened up the closet and went to the sex toy bucket. Dress up clothes, dildos…lube…ah! Here we go! Handcuffs! I pulled them out and grabbed the key. I looked at the man and he backed away.

“I have to.” I pleaded.

“No! You’re not!”

“Yes! You are! C’mon! You can’t just stay here all alone, how do I know you ain’t going to run outta here with my husbands body? I’ll fight you!”

“Fine, you can. But…only if I put them on you later.” He smirked. I looked at him, disgusted.

“Pig!” I snapped one of the cuffs on and dragged him with the other one. When we got to the car, Rodden was waiting on his side, I put Alando in the passenger seat and snapped the other cuff to the handle bar that helped people out of the car. Then I buckled in Rodden, careful of his arm.


“Why would you have babies with a nigger?” He looked at me and I shot him a glare.

“Stop saying that, he’s black, not a nigger. There’s a difference! And I married him because I love him…I’ve always loved him.” I looked down, then back up again. Woah! Almost went into the wrong lane. I looked up into the mirror to look at my babies, then back the road.

“How could you love him? How could you marry the beast!?”

“Mommy, what’s going on? Why’s daddy acting weird? Why isn’t he remembering us? Mommy, Rodden is scared.” All the questions from Caeleigh were getting to me, all the questions from this Alando guy was getting to me. I wanted to stop at the side of the road and cry my eyes out. But I held them in. No…this was no time to show weakness. No time at all.

We arrived at the hospital, I parked far away from anyone else and out of sight from anyone. I handcuffed Alando to the steering wheel and went to unbuckle my babies. I was careful of Rodden’s arm. “Alando, I’m going to take Rodden and Caeleigh, you…stay here for a few hours. I gotta figure everything out.”

“What about if I have to relieve myself, or I need a drink?” I looked at him. I pulled one of Rodden’s diapers out of his diaper bag and went around and stuffed it into his pants. He grew and I smacked him on the face. I stroked it though, it was weird, it was the same, everything felt the same about him…but his spirit was totally different. The kids saw nothing.

The eyes. The eyes changed. They became lighter. What?

“Shiloah, what the hell are you doing? The kids are right over there!” His voice! It-it went back to normal!



“J!” I jumped on him and hit my head on the roof of the car in the process, I ignored it, throwing my arms around him. “J!” I kissed him and cried. “I missed you so much!”

“What the hell is going on? Get me out of these!” I looked at the handcuffs and unlocked them quickly. I jumped off of him and led him out of the car.

“Um…you…um…we’re at the hospital…you…turned into this guy…and he…” I looked towards my babies, and they turned to me and ran by my side, Rodden staying a little behind and just walking. Jalen’s face grew pale and saddened as he saw the damage done to Rodden, and how Rodden wouldn’t come close to him.

“RJ, come to Daddy.” Jalen got down on his son’s level and motioned him forward. Rodden didn’t budge.

“Daddy, you called us nigglets! And you hurt my brother! I hate you!” Caeleigh shouted. My heart jumped in my throat at what she had said as Jalen began a stream of tears down his face.

The End

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