Your Ass Was MADE for KickingMature

Jalen/Frank's POV: 

This had to be some kind of a sick joke. No, this was somethiing that even Lucifer himself couldn't muster the evilness to do to me. Never in my life did I ever imagine that I'd be a nigger. Out of all the things in the world I'd choose to be a blackie was the last thing I'd pick.

Hell, make me a maggot before you make me into a drug dealing thief that couldn't possibly comprehend the idea of taking care of children versus having a "baby mama." And this disgusting female had the NERVE to sentence her children to a life of crime and hideous skin? Respect was something I didn't have for her.

"Come here this instant and explain what happened to me! I'm not black! Damnit! I'm not a thief!"

"Oh, that does it! Say one more thing and I'll...I'll..."

She put Rodden down next to her. She was going to stand up to me. Oh, this would be rich.

"Stay there honey. Mommy has to have a little talk with daddy, mmk? Don't worry. Mommy is going to be allllllright."

Caleigh ran in-between us and held out her arms. But her mother pushed her aside.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of him. Don't you worry one bit."

A smile appeared on my face. I took a step forward and raised my hand up to her face level. The fingers were balled into a fist.

"Or you'll what?"

Shiloah's expression grew from shock and anger to utter disgust. Her face told me that I was getting to her. The tears upon her face made her a typical woman. This was easy. I interrogated insufferable terriosts who had much more restraint of emotion than this abomination. That's why I decided to feed upon her anger.


"Oh, let me guess, you'll use your little boy there to kill me by calling up one of his gang members? Maybe putting too many drugs into my system? I know how much his race would love to do that kind of stuff."

I didn't expect for her to come at me like a mongoose. Her low center of gravity gave her a distinct advantage where I wouldn't have expected for it to. She spun her body around while ducking down to deliver a quick leg sweep. I hit the ground hard. She scrambled to get on top of me. A raining array of punches were delivered to my face. 


My god! What kind of animal had I unleashed?! This woman was pounding my face with hammer-like fists and delivering elbows to my face. She even cut my forehead. I didn't seem to have anything to throw back at her. I'm a spy with martial arts training god damnit! How the hell did an average woman take me down like this? Who the hell trained her? 

I turned my body over. Big mistake. She got my back. As I stood up she had a firm grip of my neck and applied a sleeper hold. I fell backwards and off of my feet to land on top of her. The idea was to squash her. That didn't work. Her body was a lot more fortified than I gave her credit for. She had me in a rear naked choke.

The television was muted but still on. As I started to fade from the sleeper I saw flashes of a UFC fight on the television. Shit! Out of all the families to end up with I ended up with the one family that loved mixed martial arts. 

"Come on J! Don't recognize what you taught me? Come on baby! Get up! You little pussy!"

And a trash talker? There was only one chance to get out of this. I gathered a little bit more strength. If I stayed like this I would've been easily choked out by this woman that had the kind of strength that a man would envy. I rolled over onto all fours. Slowly, I crawled over to the dining room table and rammed the top of her head into the wood. 

I slouched down and tried to get some air. She choked the shit out of me. My body was in a little bit of a fetal position. She was off of me though and holding onto the top of her head. The recovery time with both of us was a little faster than the average human. We both got to a vertical base around the same time. 

Shiloah's hands went up into a Thai boxing position while I simply put up my dukes. Sure, I could defeat the best of the best but any fool knew not to mess with a mother who believed she was defending her children. Moms always had a way of being super human when their offspring were threatened. I'm sure she didn't fight this well all of the time. Desperate times called for desperate fighting abilities. 

"Wait, wait, you know where I am? Where's central command? I'm just lost madam. Please, I need to get home."

Her face grew red from her rage. She delivered a straight jab to my chin. That was the sweet spot. I fell backwards into the couch. Quickly, like a shark smelling blood in the water, she straddled my crotch and lifted her elbow up to pound me yet again.


She stopped. I was surprised that she did. Her arm lowered itself.

"Stop playing with me! I took your sorry ass hand in marriage! I gave you two kids! I kept this house in order just for you and the kids! What do you want from me J? WHAT?! Fucking what?!"

I held my hands up in a submitting position and covered my head for protection.

"I don't know who J or who Jalen is. Alright, I lied to you. My name isn't Frank. It's Alando Cornwallis. I'm a British spy. The last thing I remember was being clonked over the head and dragged to some lab for experimentation."

Shiloah turned her head to the side and quirked her eyebrow. She seemed calm now. Her eyes shot as wide open as they could have. It was like she was hit with a realization of something.

"They...oh god. Oh, god...oh...shit...I did this! I-I did this!"

I was confused. She did what? I wasn't understanding this.

"What did you do?"

"Oh got his body, got his brain...but he sees your memories. died. I get it now. Yo-your dead. They put the memories of a dead man into my husband."

The End

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